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  • Ryan - Amazing helmet

    Fit perfectly, not heavy at all. Light weight, comfortable, and plenty of protection. Can't wait to use it this season. Best buy for the money.

  • s.joseph - Poor Device... Low Quality

    While we liked this device initially (we were fine with the more limited philosophy of use), it has proven itself to be a let down after just a few months. After we returned the first device shipped for keyboard failures (certain keys simply did not work), our second device worked fine for a few months.

  • HI and Lo - I can't believe I'm writing a diaper review.......

    Well, I have finally reached that stage in my life where I find myself writing diaper reviews.....if you are reading this you must be at that stage in your life too. Congratulations! We have twins so buying bulk diapers on the cheap is critical. It's also critical for us that the diapers work well and we don't have dual drippy, ooozy, horrible messes ambling around our house!!! These diapers work the best for us, they seem to fit our kids butts well and they hold an amazing amount of you know what, which is also important because with two of them we can't always get there immediately! The blue line wetness indicator is great, but if you take a lot of family pictures you'll look back and wish you had given your kids fresh diapers before the pictures because the blue line is a dead giveaway that your kid needed changing and you have documented it in the photo!

  • Kelsie Morrow - Perfect!

    Package arrived early with installation instructions and packed nicely as well as to prevent any damage to parts during delivery. Installed in about 30 mins and it makes a huge difference on the look of the bike. Very happy with this purchase and would recommend this product to all riders.

  • Jennifer Roberts - these arrived quickly and come in an adorable box, which prevents any damage to the bottles

    these arrived quickly and come in an adorable box, which prevents any damage to the bottles, the bottles are brown glass which protects the oils inside from UV damage, these have nice extremely strong scents which I find reassuring since I have ordered some in the past which have a very mild scent and i have found those to be mostly diluted with a carrier oil of some sort. I love the packaging on these and there was absolute NO leakage when I got this which was HUGE, since lately every time I order essential oils there is some lost due to leakage and the scent permeates my house for days. I am very pleased with this purchase and would highly recommend