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  • KEVIN PERRY - Not honoring the warranty

    We like the general product line but were disappointed with a set of sauce pans with an interior non stick finish that broke down over several years. Despite their claims of a lifetime warranty they are unwilling to replace what is clearly defective finish.

  • Rule 62 Ken - Excellent Even-handed Chronicle of Obama v. Romney

    Readers who are wishing for an unbiased, non-slanted retelling of the story of the 2012 US Presidential election will find what they wish for in Dan Balz' fair and thorough offering Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America. The book is broken into three sections entitled The Pivot, The Republicans and The Choice. Two things are especially delightful about this book: (1) The author gets much of the story straight from the horses' mouths. Most of the candidates for the GOP nomination and many who decided not to run meet with the author for extensive interviews and many of the conclusions that Balz comes to are ones that the subjects of his book do not take issue with. An entire chapter near the end of the book is devoted to a post-election interview that the author has at Mitt Romney's home and it is quite insightful in itself. (2) The author refrains from making political judgements that conclude that any party or candidate is good or bad. He is very respectful of all of the candidates, in the style of a Walter Cronkite or some other iconic plugged-in professional. That's not to suggest that he doesn't make any judgements, quite the contrary. Balz is quick to criticize many of the strategies employed by both campaigns and is fair in his criticism. This is best shown by the fact that the candidates and campaign staff that he interviews do not take exception to any of his characterizations. He is also quick to explain many of the perplexing decisions facing the candidates and their campaigns, giving the reader an understanding of why they did what they did or didn't do.

  • J. Phillips - Don't waste your money!!!!!

    I started taking Amberen last week, after hearing it advertised for a long time. I am 60 and past menopause (finally!) but still deal with night sweats, weight gain and bloating. I had hopes that Amberen would help me. Within hours after starting the pills I was hit with severe diarrhea that was helped only slightly by anti-diarrheal meds. It has persisted for a week- but only from 4-8 hours after taking the pills. It then settles down until 4 hours after the next dose. I also felt constantly moody, which had not been a problem before. I have seen nothing positive from taking this stuff- and the side effects are worse than any menopausal symptoms would be. I'm sorry I fell for the snake-oil claims this company put out there!

  • Kahn - Great product

    This is a wonderful conditioner and the shampoo is great too. It smells so good and leaves hair feeling great. Plus it is sulfate free. But I'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is on the expensive side so I rotate between this brand and another.

  • michelle - High quality extractors!

    I had never heard of a blackhead remover until I had a facial at a spa. They used tools like these and extracted lots of black heads on the surface of my face. It was awesome! I just had to get a set of my own! I'm so happy I did. These you do not need to press very hard at all for the black head to extract and they last a long time! I highly recommend this product!.

  • Lavada Burkes - It started with the delivery. When I received the ...

    It started with the delivery. When I received the package, it was torn and dripping wet. The bottle of poison had been pack on its side and leaked everywhere. I did not want to fool with sending it back and there was plenty of it left to test its effectiveness. It did not work. We saturated the area around the door inside and out, sprayed the entire parameter of my apartment, inside and out as directed. The spiders crawl right thru it! My daughter even soaked one very large spider with it and an hour later had to kill the spider! Needless to say I was very dissatisfied with this product.