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  • Capt. William Flint - Thinly Veiled Right Wing Catholic Propaganda

    Unlike a recent reviewer, we did not find this to be "conservative". We found it to be a product of an extremist right wing organization whose stated goals is the creation of a fundamentalist catholic society.

  • Jessica - I like it

    I have long curly hair and this cleansing conditioner makes my hair soft without the frizzes. I workout and sweat badly, but it cleans my hair well. I can use this product only (no additional shampoo or conditioner) for about 4-5 days before I have to use a shampoo, but then I condition with it.

  • P. Goel - Works well enough I suppose.

    I used it and renewed it. It's one of those things that it's hard to say if it's doing a great job or not. Like if a doctor gave you a bunch of pills and said these will keep you healthy for the next decade--how would you know if the pills were the reason if you didn't get sick? That's sort of how I feel about this antivirus....I suppose it's working.

  • Tiffany Ashley - It's okay

    It's okay. I didn't know much about psychology graduate school so I was hoping this would give me a little but of a better idea and it did a little bit. I didn't really like the layout but all the information is there. Also, and it's my fault but, the newer edition is coming out in August so I probably should have waited for the new one. You live and you learn.

  • Andrew Jackson - A valuable and cost-effective addition to your treatment regimen

    I have suffered from RSIs for the past 5 years, and have been using Penetrex regularly for the past 2 years as part of my attempts to treat them. As anyone with RSIs know, these injuries are complex and poorly understood - it marks the beginning of an ongoing journey. In addition to my review of Penetrex, I will share some of my journey - maybe it will help someone else.