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  • B. John - Grille is as shown, Well worth it.

    Product arrived as shown. Time was faster than expected. 5 days like the other posters say. This grille did come with the clips for mounting. I have not yet install the grille as i am spray lining it and will do the grille update with mess also. Looks great so far and am happy with the quality. I would recommend this to others.

  • Nick - and the plot was easy to follow

    This book was pleasant to read, and the plot was easy to follow. I found it hard to put down, as the well-developed characters command interest, and the steady pace of the story makes "Stiger's Tigers" the perfect novel for an evening read.

  • D. Baugher P. - Great for anyone that suffers from heartburn/reflux

    I have mostly reflux and this book has given me ideas of what to used during those times. I have never had surgery but have used rx for years with all of the big names. I believe this man when he says taking out acid over time can cause health problems. Again rx's will treat the symptoms but the patient will never learn the cause.

  • Nancie Lajeunesse - 👎👎👎👎👎 only because the color comes off!!!

    I purchased the gold case for my iPhone 6s about a month ago and I loved the case until the color started to come off! The gold is literally coming off and there's a dirty dark color appearing underneath!! Paid almost $60 for this case it should be made to last for a very long time period! Very upset and disappointed! I need you guys to do better! I'm actually going to return it!!

  • A2theJackson - Pricey for what it is, but it works!

    Works surprisingly well! I know it's just a shorter shedding blade (almost a dull hacksaw blade) but it really helps to get the loose fur off my dog and cat. The smaller size allows me to hold the cat steady and still works on my 75ld dog. It really works best on the longer fur of my cat. I can pack it and take it anywhere on our trips. Nice addition to the pet owners arsenal.

  • Serval - Louder - not clearer.

    This little device faithfully - and vigorously - delivers what it promises: it amplifies the sounds - including ( prominently ) background noise.

  • G. Bocker - If you liked Roxio's Video Lab HD, you'll love this software, too!

    Within a year I've become a big fan of Roxio's video editing and DVD burning products. I used to have Nero 8 and Pinnacle Studio 9 but they kept crashing my Windows XP desktop, even after I doubled the memory to 1GB. They rarely put out a DVD that didn't have screen-freezes and playback errors. I had much better luck with Roxio's Video Lab HD but I lost my XP computer to a power supply/motherboard failure and that software doesn't work in Windows 7. Now that I have Creator 2011...and Win7 desktop with 6GB of RAM...I'm again getting some dusty VHS videocassettes digitized, edited, and burned to DVDs again. I know that it's an older software now, but I've never been one to buy on first-day releases. I wait for bargains and Amazon has dozens of them. I'm probably going to be a Roxio customer as long as I continue to edit video.