さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。

  • 迷った挙句・・・: さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - 迷った挙句・・・,エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。
  • 日記: さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - 日記,エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。
  • どうしようかなぁ・・・: さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - どうしようかなぁ・・・,エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。
  • 夏コミの当落が発表されました: さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - 夏コミの当落が発表されました,エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。
  • 正宗の個人サークル「正宗亭」ですが・・・: さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - 正宗の個人サークル「正宗亭」ですが・・・,エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。
  • とりあえず、ほそぼそと・・・: さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - とりあえず、ほそぼそと・・・,エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。
  • さいこてぃっくす、絶賛稼働中!: さいこ部屋 【さいこてぃっくす ホームページ】 - さいこてぃっくす、絶賛稼働中!,エンターテインメント集団もとい、同人サークル『さいこてぃっくす』のホームページです。※現在は活動休止中です。代わりに当ブログは代表の正宗菊の個人サークル「正宗亭」の告知などに使用しております。

    Country:, Asia, JP

    City: 135.52 ナ茎aka, Japan

  • Jalerm - Much better

    Antenna works lika a charm. I bought it for my 2010 toyota 4runner because the factory antenna keeps hitting the garage door when I go in & out. I see no difference from the factory to this one. Radio stations are clear.

  • Retired Techie - Nice Lightweight Protective Cover for Fire 7" 2015 (Not for 2014 Version)

    I got the brown case ("Premium synthesized leather" per the description) for a change of color and it's a nice medium brown. The Fire 7" 2015 (not to be confused with the 2014 version of the Fire where buttons and camera and speaker are in different locations) snapped right in and is held well. The cover inside is soft so it won't scratch the glass.

  • Carla Kurtz - Brilliant idea!

    What a brilliant idea! Wish this had been around when I was having babies. I purchased this for the next great-grandchild that will be born in a few months. The idea of a pillow that will keep the baby from getting a flat spot and/or losing hair in the back of their head from sleeping on their back is brilliant! I can窶冲 wait to see my newest great-granddaughter and I know that her parents will love this pillow as much as I do.

  • Kelly - Did not work for weight loss x2

    Purchased two 10 day transformation Cleanses. One for my husband and one myself. I used it for the cleanse - I wasn't looking for great weight loss, mainly cleansing and to support My husband who used it for weight loss. We both completed the 10 day cleanse from start to finish today, abiding to all directions. The results were: Neither one of us felt hungry, I think the nutrients warded off any deep hunger. But neither one of us showed any any weight loss. We both did our 1 hour usual workout per day cardio and light weights. My husband is frustrated as he was hoping for some pounds to drop (overweight by approximately 50 lbs. We will continue our daily work-outs and healthy lifestyle. But not use anymore products that claim weight-loss. Lifestyle change is best.

  • RunnerBee - UPDATED: Measure your child before buying this seat - and other pros and cons

    I will start by saying that I love Maxi-Cosi. We've had our 22-month old in the Maxi-Cosi infant seat since birth. So I purchased this new Pria 70 with full expectations that it would be perfect, and I loved the color combination. Update: I initially posted this review to say we were returning the seat because the space between the headwings was too tight. And I didn't want to return the seat, because I've been (mostly) pleased with my Maxi-Cosi Prezi infant seat. But I was worried that my son wouldn't be comfortable in the slim space between the headwings (the pillows to the left and the right of the head). They are longer than most seats (7.25 inches compared to 6.5 on my Prezi and 5.25 on our Britax Marathon in the other car). There is also less space in between (6 inches compared to 6.25 inches in my Prezi and a full 9 inches in our Britax). I called Maxi-Cosi customer support. These head wings are designed to keep your child's head from moving during a serious accident. They are safe and are not supposed to have a lot of room in between for this reason. They also mentioned that we should make sure our son was properly seated in the seat, back and bottom all the way up against the seat for added comfort. So I gave it one more try. Installed the car seat, put my son in, and made the adjustments. The first time he was in this seat, he fell asleep. An added benefit is that with the tight head wings, his head does not fall sideways or slump forward as it used to. He has room to turn sideways. I was worried that he would not be able to see out of the car window, but I have found that is not the case at all. He seems perfectly comfortable in the seat - so it was important for me to post this update because I know I am not the only one who struggles with finding the right car seat.

  • Amanda - Such a good price on Amazon I couldn't pass up the deal ...

    Such a good price on Amazon I couldn't pass up the deal for my kids. This is hands down one of the best tasting Apple juices you can buy.