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  • RAMSES MEZA ARMENTA - very good upgrade

    I am very happy with this up grade, its working great in my ssun es8000, it was very easyJet to instala and it is working very fast with no problems

  • Margaret E. - Highly recommend it.

    I like this reviewer's style and he has watched movies some of the others have not. He seems to have a sense of humor, too, but it's what one would expect with a name with Golden...Retriever in it. It's my favorite movie review source.

  • Jessica - Great read!!

    Whether you are a Nicole Curtis fan or not this book will inspire you to get up off your butt and get out and follow your dreams in life! Part self help and part behind the scenes it is nice to finally know the WHOLE story!

  • Danielle M - Amazing

    I LIVE by this product. I use a small concealer brush to apply over areas where I have redness and then blend out onto the rest of my face. I use liquid foundation over this. This product is not meant to be used alone. You don't need much and frankly, if you put too much on it looks uneven once you apply your foundation. Put a bit on and then let your face relax for a few minutes - my face gets red just from rubbing it or putting on foundation for example so if this is true for you, give yourself a minute to let your face return to "normal" before deciding if you need more or if it's time for foundation.

  • Sophie's Mommy - Waste of time and money

    Used this product in the carpet cleaner without diluting at all. cleaned the carpets, and left to sit without rinsing overnight. Let everything dry, and checked with the urine finder led light. It barely made a difference. My carpet had almost exactly the same amount of stains as before he had done the cleaning. Waste of time and money. I would not recommend this product to anyone who is having problems with cat urine stains.

  • Connie Wiley - warm and comfy

    This jacket is not bulky and very warm. Love the color. It very lightweight and comfortable fit. I do not care for bulky winter coats. This is the one for me.