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City: 16.3667 , Austria

  • BaR Lodge - Very Good.

    Looks great on my 2014 Mustang. Reception degraded a little out in the country, but in town no noticeable loss of signal quality/reception.

  • Jim Martin - Piece of Crap Software Program and company

    I wholeheartedly agree with all the other reviewers who gave negative reviews on this product and the company that produces it. I have had similar issues and then some. And I'm no fool when it comes to computers (aside from that foolish moment I had when I bought this program). Let's all do our best and cause them to go out of business by not purchasing ANY of their products and slamming them whenever the opportunity arises. Hopefully, some of their employees will read some of the reviews on Amazon and other sites (those few of them who actually can read, that is). It is a total piece of crap. I mean the program, the customer support, the company, and heck, and "the whole kit and kaboodle."

  • T. R. Gacobelli - Meh..

    It was an "okay" program for what it was. I've switched to Manga Studio 5 (aka Clip Studio Paint) and it has many more features like auto-smoothing inking tools, great brushes, comic book drag-and-drop options, and pressure sensitivity for tablet pens. I became frustrated with Autodesk, it seemed limited to me. Never going back to that program.