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  • J. B. - Switch to methyl-B12 and never look back!

    If you found methylcobalamin, you've probably done your homework on how it is superior to cyanocobalamin. This was a recent discovery to me, and after easily finding supporting research in public medical journals I tried it out. Wow, what a difference! All the women in my family have been low in B, some have gotten B 12 shots for years on end. I've tried many supplements but never truly felt the effects and was always disappointed. This stuff though, it really works! I take a half-dose of this once or twice a day depending on how I'm feeling, it just dissolves under your tongue and in a few minutes you feel like doing stuff again. Not jittery or hyped up, just ready to tackle the day. I also sleep better too. I let a friend try some and he noticed his insomnia is gone, he now sleeps through the night for the first time in years! If you've found your body doesn't take to other B12 suoplements, this one is definitely worth a shot. And with the name Jarrow Formulas behind it, you know you're getting quality.

  • Kimberly Joshway - Don't trust it!

    Bought this based on everyone saying how good it was and I did exactly what everyone suggested...bought 2 of these so I could try it at home first with some home drug tests...during the 5 hrs this stuff was supposed to work, I took 5 test...passed none of them...clearly was wrong to buy this crap!

  • Amazon Customer - I LOVED this book

    I LOVED this book. As a fan of the show I was so excited to hear Chip & Joanna were writing a book and it did not disappoint. Equal parts funny, warm and inspiring I feel like the glimpse they've given their fans into their story is like a little gift. How lucky they are to have found each other and how lucky are we that they had the film crew there that fateful day with the houseboat!! Excited for season 4 of Fixer Upper!!

  • Amazon Customer - Love how it fits in my belt and doesn't bounce ...

    Love how it fits in my belt and doesn't bounce around, but not happy with the quality. It slipped out of my belt on my first run with it and the cap is destroyed, I'm pretty bummed!

  • Rose - ... the ingredients made me question this) but I really hate the eucalyptus and menthol smell

    I can't say yet if it works or not (but looking at the ingredients made me question this) but I really hate the eucalyptus and menthol smell, as well as the greasy texture. The smell is extremely strong and would be noticeable to anyone around, like you smeared Vick's vaporub on your body.

  • Bonnie - A Skincare Staple

    I like this stuff as a light moisturizer. For me it works the best when I mix it into another product like a serum or lotion. Buying Acure on Amazon always seems to get the best price so if that continues I will keep purchasing!