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  • Kindle Customer - Good book

    This story was written quite well. It delves into a sense of madness that happens when life throws you a curve ball. I enjoyed how each chapter was either "before" or "after" letting the reader see what lead to certain actions and the actions as they played out. Now, while I may not identify with Evelyn in some respects, I can see how she fell into the choices she was making. And ultimately, that is the sign of good writing, being able to emphasize with a character and feel for them because they have depth. So, thanks to the author for that!

  • Richard B. Claiborne - Okay Case

    I loved my old case for my Galaxy S5 as the closure tab was different and the case was more padded. This one's okay. I just don't feel my phone is as safe.

  • Steve - Be extremely cautious with any of these products

    I really hate to write review with a single star but there is little to no merits regarding this product as far as we're concerned.

  • Honest Frizz - Solid & Sturdy

    I recently purchased a 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Altitude Edition that did not come with the functional side rails, as most Jeeps do. So, I needed to install side rails first before being able to install these crossbars. Once I had the side rails on, these crossbars were very easy to install. I read several reviews that commented on the necessity to loosen the screws almost all the way in order to make the installation easier, as well as the difficulty of fitting the rubber cap back into place. I had also received an email with an installation video from the company I purchased them from. So with all that knowledge, I knew what to expect, and I was able to install from start to finish in about 15 minutes. The crossbars are a very solid material and sit very securely on my roof. I have put some weight on them and they don't budge a millimeter! I definitely recommended these crossbars for anyone looking to have a more permanent set of bars on their Jeep. Do a little research, read some reviews, and it will make the installation a breeze!

  • Bryan Harper - Great blender and food processor!

    This blender is awesome. It does a fantastic job of making smoothies of any kind. I've thrown in frozen fruit, ice, ginger root, nuts, pumpkin and bamboo shoots without any problem. The texture of the smoothie is perfect! It's exactly what I was looking for. Blended spinach, apple, ginger root and lemon will have an apple sauce texture. Added ice thins it out. I've never had any chunks or bits of anything left after I've blended.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!! My teeth are super white and it ...

    Amazing!! My teeth are super white and it is so easy to use. I tried crest white strips before and couldn't do it because it made my teeth super super sensitive. I have not had any type of sensitivity with your kit only thing is super white teeth! No discomfort whatsoever. I am just very pleased with your product and I have recommended it to everyone I know !