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  • barbara james - had trouble installing

    you have to delete all former virus protection and then install, but the between was oh my gosh so much trying to get in , had problems so called their help line they helped but had problems so called again and they installed it and wa la it works great

  • Dolly Dingle - A MUCH cheaper, almost idential product is out there at Target!

    I'm only giving Proactiv a negative review because it is grossly overpriced. I recently found that Target makes a "compare to Proactiv" product in their "Up and Up" product line. I was delighted to see this and even more delighted to see that the ingredients are just about identical, except for one tiny (most likely insignificant) ingredient that the Target brand has that Proactiv does not. It works identically to Proactiv (same results for me anyway) and the best part? It was ONLY $11.99 for a 4-oz bottle of the cleanser, 4 oz of the toner and 2 oz of the repair treatment! Same amount that is listed here for 4 times the cost! DON'T waste your money. GO TO TARGET and get the Up & Up product!!

  • Tenino1 - good read

    I really enjoyed this book, the story line kept me interested and engaged. The only complaint I had was the misspelling, missing words as well as misused words. Need a new proof reader. Other wise I would have given this book 5 stars.

  • Tacomagal - Great mop

    The handle is a little short. And I would like to see microfiber cloth. OtherwIse this works like a charm. Picks up dirt (not so great on hair) great and wrings out so well that the floor is dry soon after mopping.

  • Philip Evans - So far, So good

    I should start off saying I am rather new to the 3D printing, and this was my first roll of ABS to mess with. My current 3D printer is a dibond Mendel90

  • D. Percival - Smells wonderful!

    LOVE this product! I've not tried it as a shampoo yet...but as a body wash...it's NICE! Smells great and leaves my skin feeling soft!

  • Bear - Stopped my dog's itching

    My dog has had a serious problem with seborrhea. I had tried two other shampoos given to me by my vet and they were only a slight help. Finally, after research, I found and tried this product. With a combination of Keratolux and antibiotics from the vet, his problem Is finally under control. No more itching and biting himself. This shampoo effectively lifted the scales and eased the itching. It is important to know that this type of problem can be caused by either fungus or bacteria or both. His was caused by bacteria and that's why the antibiotics were needed. Always take your dog to the vet and have the problem diagnosed.