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  • Ryan craig - FAKE!

    There fake... After wearing them once they deflated... just threw em out... Dont buy it's no use of wasting money.

  • Pete McCabe - Didn't work, features missing, worst documentation ever, no reply from company.

    Got it ready and downloaded the app. Did a firmware update (no mention of this in the documentation, which by the way is the worst I've seen in years). Paired but the mynt wouldn't ping. Deleted everything and started over. This time it pinged.

  • Leanna M. Nocita - A Must Read, Really...

    This is a must have, must read book for your personal library. For those days when you need to laugh, or need validation over something or someone who has done ticked you off and Luvvie has done the work of judging for you on a similiar subject. You'll find yourself nodding, raising a hand towards Jesus and shouting amen more than you want to admit. Chapter 3 alone is worth the price of the book. Worth the sacrifice of Scandal recaps. Thank you Luvvie, thank you.

  • bookgirl - Changed our world

    I Love Lucy still brings me hours of delight and comfort. I remember so clearly the first time I saw the show...it was a rerun of the Cuban Pete episode. I was about six years old in 1967. Lucy just made me so happy.

  • Yvette Gilliam - This stuff sux

    It worked for 1 day and then the odor returned. I ended up using a home remedy that was not only effective but much, much cheaper. I found a site that offered to rememdies to remove cat urine odor in my rug. The first was to mix white vinegar and water, 50-50. The second was to mix peroxide, baking soda, and a few drips of dish washing detergant. I did both remedies, one after the other, and although to smell was a bit poignant and my son had to sleep with me for a night becuase of the smell and the chill in the room, it worked and the smell hasn't returned. This neutralizes the amonia in the urine crystals permanently.

  • The Mackster - I can wear flip flops again!

    I am not sure why this does not seem to work for some people but I need to share my story. About 8 years ago I stubbed my big toe and it got a fungus. Gradually over the next few years it got worse despite trying anti-fungal liquid. I pretty much kept shoes on all the time and now looking back that was probably the worse thing. It eventually spread to 6 other toes and my feet were such an embarrassment that I just kept them covered all the time. Last summer I had had enough as my feet were a complete mess so I went to the Doctor.

  • Brenda S. - Easy to cook kid-pleasing food

    I love this magazine. It always inspires me with its pretty pictures and simple to make and kid pleasing recipes.