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  • Charles Burnell - Excellent Customer Support

    I have been using Avast! Internet Security for about a year. I'm happy with the service and the fact that it does not slow my computer noticeably. I used AVG (paid version) for a couple years but left them when I could not get them to respond to a support issue. I have used the customer support for Avast! several times. Each time I was able to quickly get the help I needed. I do not like some of the features on this product - especially the spam filter. One of my calls to customer service was to find out how to remove it. (The answer: go to Control Panel/Programs and Features where you can modify the installation and remove specific components.) Avast! has caught a number of malware coming in to my email and prevented problems. This is a very good feature and different from the spam filter.

  • Mimi - I love it. When it arrived

    I love it. When it arrived. It was fully charge for me to start using. It's very light weight. I can't lose this blue tooth because of the bright green color. The sound is clear when listening to a movie other music. The clarity of a call is clear as well. It's a good product.

  • Paul Moreau - Not Very Accessible for the Blind

    PC Magazine gave Webroot high marks for system protection even though it uses a far different approach than do most firewall and antimalware products. While Webroot is extremely small and is very fast, PC Magazine indicated that it caught everything thrown at it even though the detection was not necessarily at the time other products would have caught the problem. Instead of pattern matching on downloads and installed items,to Webroot watches what is happening on the system and catches suspicious activity.

  • Dan Kelley - Worthless

    Cannot get the update to install. Was told by H&R Block that I would have to buy new software and cannot return this because it is over thirty days old. What a waste!!!!!!!

  • Nate Patrick Durham - these things are great

    these things are great. they charge what you need without usiiing too much of its own juice. perfect fpr hiking or long bike rides.Like the digital view screen for power usage and when its time to recharge

  • Amanda Edwards - Exactly What I Expected

    I bought this box for my 2016 Ram 1500 Crew Cab. It is very difficult to find products for this truck since it is so new. The box does not fit exactly perfect but does fit pretty well under the rear passenger seat with no issues. I installed a 10" JL Audio W1V3 and it sounds amazing. Very happy with the product.