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  • zugmuse - Performed as expected. Only concern is it is taped ...

    Performed as expected. Only concern is it is taped to the counsel and I don't know if it will do any damage if I were to remove it.

  • Graeme Williamson - Hallmark and Amazon review

    I found it easy to use the only thing I found most annoying, was not being able to copy the address's to the envelope's other than that I would recommend it to anyone and thank you Amazon for your prompt efficient service.

  • Nightnurse - Cant live without batteries!

    This battery recharger is everything it is cracked up to be. I love the auto shutoff so it doesn't sick down electrify all night after the charging is comlete. I did my homework and decided that this was the best charger for me. It seems like a lot of money for the batteries and the charger, but it pays for itself within a few packs of regular disposable batterries. I use this as my primary charger, but I did also purchase the rapid charger that comes with an car charging adapter. Great product. Happy camper!

  • Elizabeth C. Hardeman - Okie Dokie

    My husband works at a machine shop and his clothes are so oil soaked and smell just horrible. By the time he does a load or two my machine looks like something I want to toss in the trash. Totally grosses me out when I go to wash my items including sheets and towels etc. I have spent so much time having to scrub the washer and then do a few loads of whites with a ton of bleach. To top that off we have well water which has a smell of its own. I had already spent two hours scrubbing the washer before I saw this item. I tossed one of the tablets in first thing this morning. I really didn't notice much difference. There were a few places which I purposely left dirty when I cleaned. Nothing which I couldn't have wiped off. When I cycle completed the few small smudges where still there. I wasn't real happy about that, however I noticed right away that the washer had a very light fresh scent. I will give it another shot in a few weeks hoping that it works better. I understand that there may have been build up that I couldn't see. For now the fresh scent works for me.

  • Matt - A great guitar which may not be for everyone but if ...

    A great guitar which may not be for everyone but if you are looking for a Les Paul that is true to its namesake's spirit of innovation, consider trying one out. While I understand that many people like guitars as they are and find certain features of Gibson's 2015 line distasteful, not everyone does and that is OK. Music is subjective and we all have our own opinions, same thing with the tools we used to create music. My personal opinion is that this guitar is easy to play and has a rich pleasing tone that appeals to my tastes.