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  • B. Wood - I've been through 5 containers of this

    I really had faith in the product. But overall, I've noticed no difference. I now have heart palpitations, which I've never had before. I can't blame them on this product, but 2 days off of it and I have noticed a major decrease in them.

  • Mary E. Elmhorst - Love this product

    Love this product! Nice to have a non toxic option that works so well! Have used it for years and it's still my favorite for scrubbing the tough stuff off.

  • Evella Matthews - Love this stuff!

    The caffeine on an empty stomach made me feel a little sick, as I am not a caffeine user. I found that taking it about an hour after a light snack made it much more tolerable. I love the energy levels it gave me. I am a very petite, but athletic person, so whether I am working out or running around chasing my grandchildren, one pill a day is all it takes for me!

  • Allison Carr - Great trip thanks to Rick's advice

    There is so much than we never would have gotten to do or see without this book... I am SO glad my husband and I took the time to read it on the plane on the way to Rome. We only had 3 days there, so we really needed to plan carefully, and this book really helped us do that. We managed to accomplish everything on Rick's "Rome in 3 Days" guide, and more... totally wouldn't have been possible without his maps and secret tips.

  • A. Peterson - Purchased this product and Geek Support from Best Buy. The anti-virus and other protective features (firewall

    Purchased this product and Geek Support from Best Buy. The anti-virus and other protective features (firewall, etc) work well (who really knows with the diversity of threats). However, the Password Manager feature failed to perform with Firefox. The how-to-video that can be seen on the WebRoot web page describes procedures that actually do not take place when you install the product. Further, the product advertises it will provide web anywhere access for multiple devices including mobile. What it really means is IPAD, IPHONE, and Android mobile devices. This product is closely linked with Geek Squad, in fact you get this product with Geek Squad support. Do not be fooled, after two hours on line with multiple Geek Squad "experts" it was clear I know more about the product in 15 minutes than they did. This product has gotten a lot of kudos in 2014, but PC Magazine is wrong.

  • Larry Christofaro - Best book I've read on Project 2010

    Over the years, I've read a lot of books and training manuals for Microsoft Project. This is the first book to really capture the essence of what it takes to manage projects. Most books teach features, which this does as well. However, the big difference with Eric's book is the way it identifies how and when to apply the fundamentals and techniques of Microsoft Project 2010 to be successful. The book is well structured and provides a unique combination of features and philosophy for managing projects using Microsoft Project 2010.

  • Ray_TN - Good software.

    I have used Acronis TI for years with good results. Latest version seems to work well on new Win 10 machine. Be sure to check the "verify" option box as a default value, so that each backup gets checked before completion of the job.