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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 11.0683 Bavaria, Germany

  • alinefromabook - I really enjoyed this story

    “Victoria Crossing” is the story of Victoria MacPherson, a young Irishwoman who emigrates to the U.S. during the potato famine. After losing all of her family, she embarks solo on the arduous journey across the sea. On the way she meets Maeve, whose mother has died on the ship. Maeve is traveling on the hope that her brother will meet her in New York. When the promised brother is not there the girls are forced to make their own way in a city that is openly discriminatory against its Irish immigrants. But Victoria is driven to succeed in spite of all her setbacks. After being robbed of what little money she had on her arrival, the girls find themselves in a rat-infested tenement, but they quickly pick up sewing jobs and Victoria soon has dreams of owning her own shop. Along the way the make friends and enemies, who deliberately try to destroy them, and learn the ways of business. When Maeve’s brother finally appears the girls are encouraged, but tragedy soon strikes. Will this determined girl be able to start over and achieve her dream? Or, will the city beat her down?

  • CHRISHONDA - Body by vi

    It's very tasty and convenient... And I'm saving on calories and getting all my vitamins in one. I like!!! Can't say it has helped me to lose weight though

  • Veritas Luke - Excellent Cheap Set

    This set of wrenches is perfectly acceptable for me. They fit snugly are don't bend or deform easily. I bought another set for my dad after the one I got for myself because he didn't have an organized set of wrenches all in one place. Also, the pouch these come in is cloth and won't get hard and brittle like a plastic pouch.

  • charles hetland - Works well

    It is doing exactly what it was supposed to do as far as we can tell. We are away from our home and will be for some time. It gives us some peace of mind.

  • Amazon Customer - The ability to switch apps and for them to stiill be active is amazing. Great phone

    Marvellous phone! Just as expected. Arrived some days late but I'm sure it was because the company ships all their orders in an specific date and that's why they offer several days or hours to order for the Prime Shipping. The first day I used it, It overheated A LOT, I was worried because I didn't want to return it after all the days I waited and the complication of waiting again for another one. But i searched the problem up and its normal for it to occur the first day, its setting up anyways, first day of startup. Until now, I've had it for about 2 months. The S7 Edge, exceeds expectations. Runs games smoothly and fast! The ability to switch apps and for them to stiill be active is amazing. Great phone, I'll update this soon with more information on how I'm doing with it.