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  • diassappointed - ruined my computer, it will do the same to yours

    I have a brand new computer fr Dell 4gb memeory-500gb hard drive programed this viper fr hsn few months ago, now it's slower than my oldest laptop. Yes, it will give you good start & just fine but few days later you can feel the defects it will brought to your system.

  • Belisario Castillo - Great wi-fi router

    The easiest set up I've ever done with a router. Fast and has great coverage. I've in the basement and it covers the entire two story house. Computer, smart tv's, tablets and phones. All get full signal strength and no lag.

  • Petrice Foxworthy - Great trampoline

    WE have had this for about 6 months now. My 11 and 14 year old children helped me put it together with very little trouble. It does take a little hand and body strength to get the springs on but my 14 year old son had no problems. The kids love the bounce of the mat. We had another trampoline and they always complained that it was not bouncy enough. This one, they love. We bought a ladder to go with it and I hope that helped the protective mat hold up through the years and the weather.

  • Sean Hill - Be warned!!!

    Just for what it's worth to anyone looking to purchase this product or any other product using a combination lock similar to this one. With a simple mechanics feeler guage these kind of combination locks can be cracked in a matter of seconds. My company used these all the time and we always had to crack the lock code as our customers would always change employees and forget what codes they used. I can crack any of these in less than a minute.