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  • Chuck from Dallas - Purchased a year subscription, and got 1 month!

    Purchased a year subscription, and got 1 month!!! Ridiculous customer support from Webroot. Don't buy this!!!

  • Roy Gerald Biv - This is the death of humanity

    I heard of this product from other Children of the Night at the last ritual, and I decided that I must check it out, as they had stated that it might contain the key to freeing the Great Lord. So we pooled our money, and I sacrificed the other members of my sect and used their dead fingers to order, as the Book demands. Upon completion of the online transaction, there was a knock on my office door. I turned, and saw the product squatting in the doorway. I knelt down to pick it up, but found that it was too heavy to move. At this time, I realised that this did not hold the key to the Great Lord. This was the Great Lord. However, I also realised that the Great Lord did not, as he had promised us, have the Plan of Devastation. Despite my loss of faith in the Dark, I did learn some new bloodletting rituals, so it was somewhat educational.

  • Jennifer Morrow - interesting

    I was in need of a purification and I chose this product based on my chiropractor's advice. I haven't started the purification process yet but the shakes are decent!

  • A. Sparrow - Another Great Alton Tome

    I think I own every book Alton's written, and while I don't always try every recipe, I still enjoy reading them (although his brining turkey is now a family tradition every Thanksgiving). That said, I think this book is going to change that "don't always try every recipe" formula. There's a LOT of great ideas in this book I'm looking forward to dirtying up the kitchen attempting to make. And, as usual, it's still a fun read even if you never pick up a single spatula.

  • Stephanie - Nice

    This seems to be a great way of saving money in lieu of going to an attorney. I have made three wills using this and are all legit.