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  • Susan - Sage 50 2013 Compatibility Problems with Win 7 - 64 Bit

    I have used Peachtree for over 20 years and was thoroughly satisfied with it. Over the years I encouraged a number of businesses to purchase Peachtree - it was an outstanding accounting program that was reasonably priced. Unfortunately, Sage 50 2013 has some major issues with windows 7 - 64 bit. Basically, I have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling the software in order to get it to work for a few days at a time (and then I have to repeat the process). Otherwise, the screens look like you are running in safe mode and the reports are distorted. I have called Sage repeatedly to report these problems and ask for a fix. Sage won't answer my questions or help me in any way until I buy their service plan for megabucks. That is totally wrong. I now issue warnings to people not to buy Sage until they fix the win 7 - 64 bit compatibility issues. And if I can't get this fixed soon, I will jump fence and buy Quick Books.

  • Fred B - dreadful

    Sadly this is DREADFUL - at least the word program is. It freezes if you want to do ANYTHING - if you want to zoom text, do anything at all!!!! am about to uninstall and reinstall the earlier version (I hope I still can!)

  • tara smith - I learned more from this book regarding how to break ...

    I learned more from this book regarding how to break down questions, than I did in the first three months of school. Buy it.

  • Joe B - Button access is perfect, camera passthrough is uninhibited and it's comfortable to ...

    I have absolutely no issues with this case. In fact, it has been extremely convenient. It even allows the wireless charging to pass through it without removing it from the case.

  • Katie - Great prep book - better than older version

    I have both the 2013 and 2014 versions of the Kaplan book, and while there are not HUGE differences, there are some. First, the PCAT format changed slightly starting July 2014, which isn't huge but the updated format is reflected here. Secondly, the organization of topics in this book seems slightly more logical to me than the older version.

  • Chief Rocka Dr. Kool - Not Upgrades, only downgrades!

    I tried to roll with this, but it takes away certain feature that were standard in the 2007,2010 versions. Yes, it was mainly for legal reasons, but this is a reduced version. On top of that - it is in the 'cloud' only! That means that you need to download it and you will never have a hard copy. This price should be $50 because of these companies making us use OUR resources to save them money but they are not saving us money!

  • Cynthia Reynolds - A must have for Halloween

    We do Halloween big in our neighborhood and this really is the icing on top of our display! Everyone loves it. There are options to download other holidays and themes online and it does come pre-loaded with themes. Excellent!!!!