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  • Juan Dela Cruz - Works Great!

    Works great! A day of heavy drinking usually leads to me hugging the bowl at the end of the night and with a bad hangover the day after. But not anymore, thanks to Sobur! My friends swear by it too - I'd prefer they buy their own though!

  • Ryan Dye - Good product, LD has great warranty service

    I've used LD toner and ink cartridges for years. For the most part they work fine and are generally reliable. I've had a few bad apples, but LD is great about warranty replacements. For the price, it's hard to go wrong with a reman toner cartridge, as long as the supplier is reputable. LD is reputable and stands behind their stuff.

  • anonymous - I am literally sick to my stomach as I write this...

    After reading other reviews of this company it is clear that Orogold is nothing more than a scam. I was visiting my grandmother this evening and she came clean, ashamed and in tears of how she has been sucked into this company with aggressive sales techniques and over the past 3 months she has spend $8000.00 on their products and facials. This is coming from a woman who is sick with grief after losing her husband to cancer 6 months ago, and managing finances on her own for the first time in her life. At first I thought my grandmother had been made a fool because of her gullible nature, but as I research, I have only found more stories of them taking advantage of the elderly. Orogold is FRAUD. CRIMINALS. If you support this company or buy their products, consider yourself a fool.

  • Cheap and Cheerful - Vivo per Leis facial peel is much cheaper

    I bought oro gold facial peel at the mall until I googled the active ingredient and found out that amazon is selling a very similar product sold as "Vivo Per Lei Facial Peel" for $8! Once I found that I started buying multiples because I love what the product (essentially a chemical exfoliant) does for my skin but just hate the price.

  • Montani - The WV state software did not work properly

    The federal version worked well and I like it pretty well. However for the price they are now charging they should provide a free E-file for the state too and in this case the WV state tax department said the software sent unneeded and incorrect information. When I called H&R Block about it, they just brushed off my complaint and didn't resolve it for me. They would not even promise to fix it in next year's release.

  • Whisper - Superb picture, Good sound, and many great features but.....

    ....It has been a frustrating start up. My first frustration was to find I must download and print the 97 page manual only to find that the pages aren't numbered! Why they didnt spend one more hour to number the pages before posting is hard to understand. Next you will be impressed with the many features such as PIP and Recording to a thumb drive that the TV offers only to learn after more study and trials that these (and perhaps others) are not available in units sold in the USA and Canada. Most disappointing to me was the lack of a voice remote even though this is clearly shown in the Samsung illustrations which are also used on the Amazon page. Amazon was gracious enough to pay for a voice remote- although after hours of trying I found the voice feature is not supported by this model. The workaround that works well is the addition of the $59 Amazon voice Firestick for a good voice activated remote with Amazon's huge Music selection as an added bonus.