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  • Dempsy Winans - Fits like a glove

    I love the ergonomic fit of the handle of this knife. It fits my hand perfectly and allows me to direct some pretty serious downward pressure which is good fof breaking apart ligaments, popping knees or hip sockets open and that sort of stuff. It's a rubbery feeling material on the handle that is non-slip, an important thing when skinning a critter so you don't slip and hurt yourself.

  • Boyann - Good tool!

    I went through the whole book; and even though it shouldn't be the only prep instrument for the MCAT, for most students, i really think it's a good and powerful tool to help prepare for the MCAT.

  • M. S. Driver - The definitive "Christmas Carol"

    Of all the many versions of "A Christmas Carol" now available on video, this one is the defining one: it isn't necessarily the most accurate recreation of the Dickens story, but I think it surpasses it in what it is teaching us. Alistair Sim is not a cartoon or caricature but a chillingly realistic Scrooge in his "before" incarnation, and his transformation is more profound and complete, into his wonderfully warm and touchingly humorous "after" character. Avoid the colorized version -- the gloomy mood is best captured in black and white.