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  • MATT - Recommended to me by a pro...

    Lucas products were recommended to me by my friend's neighbor. He once worked as a mechanic at a dealership, then decided he wanted to be his own boss and now does restorations on classic cars for some famous and some not-so-famous people.

  • D. Edwards - Great concept, needs accuracy improvement

    I had high hopes for this blood glucometer. It’s a pain to manually enter data into Apple’s Health data app—weight, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose level, it can all get to be too much of a bother. The iHealth meter promised to automate part of the process, and very inexpensively. Unfortunately, the results are more like a scatter graph than a measure of blood glucose. Tests taken repeatedly can vary by +/- 20 points. I read in one of these Amazon reviews that changing out the battery with a name brand could make an improvement, but it didn’t. With this much variability, there’s just no point in using the meter.

  • Bethany A. Wilkins - Great color coverage on my dreadlocks!

    Doing your own hair color can be an adventure, and you are never sure what you will end up with. I admit I was pleasantly surprised to have my messy sun-bleached light brown hair (with some gray) turn the exact shade it showed on the box. When I was younger I had natural red highlights, and missed them, so I was very happy with the color my hair is now. Having dreadlocks that have never been colored before other than a few I colored dark blue a few years ago with a temporary color, I wasn't certain how well it would work with all the dreads being colored. I am very pleased with the results achieved.

  • Stacey Cuevas - 50 / 50

    After reading many good reviews & trying a few other products, I was excited to try this. My husband and I moved into our first home which was infested with roaches! I put this bait gel EVERYWHERE within minutes the roaches were eating it. But I noticed other places I put the bait was untouched & the gel turned into a hard crust. Seems it goes bad after a few hours. There is a roach decrease in my house now, but I can't give full credit to Combat because I've used two other products while using this one.

  • Los Angeles customer 4321 - Used for 3 months...didn't do much.

    I applied it on the infected nail after drying my feet after each shower. The nail became more white (not clear, like a healthy nail) and soft. So it was easy to cut, but when the nail continued to grow it never improved.