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  • Peggy Sigler - For an education and a look into how future elections will be conducted. Not good for the public, for sure.

    Strictly for political junkies to learn of the behind-the-scenes scenarios before the election. An interesting and informative book by one of my favorite commentators, Dan Balz.

  • Mojoman - Such a deceptive Title!!

    Perfect, I thought, a book that will finally help me avoid getting run over by big ships. Only problem - the ships I've spent years avoiding aren't 'big' enough for this boat. Well Excuse me for merely trying to avoid large tugboats and party barges and not massive cruise vessels and tanker ships.

  • Amazon Customer - Whats not to love about Luvvie?!

    I, like many, have been following Luvvie for years! She's my cousin in my head, my best friend in my head and my love for her and her work goes beyond social media. I found her back in 2007 through another one of my favorites, Ms. Jia. Her humor was needed during my darkest days as I mourned the loss of my mother. Her blog was my go-to when I needed a laugh after crying many nights. Ever since, I've turned to her when I needed a laugh, a good read or simply to just hang out via Luvvnation. Her book represents her and all we've come to love about her. She has created this safe space where she can speak out about injustices without losing her funny. Despite her rising star, she has managed to stay true to herself and to her fan base. I like to think Luvvnation is more than just fans, we're this huge e-family, rooting for our favorite cousin. Recently I lost my grandmother and once again, I turned to Luvvie for that much needed laugh. She didnt let me down, nor does this book. Its funny. Its like having cheap wine with my favorite cousin, laughing until my sides hurt. She's dope, simply.

  • Shirley Ann - Book

    Needed for school lessons, do I love the book, yes, I suppose, as much as I love having my teeth drilled!

  • Richard D Colbert - Confusing!

    I am a geek and can use almost any software with ease....Not Streets and Trips 2013. It is ridiculously confusing to use, slow to load, slower to route and generally not user friendly at all. On a side note the GPS receiver seems to work great.

  • Serena Tucker - Great Quality

    Love these plates, we go through them very often so I am super glad I can buy them in bulk. Great quality