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  • Amazon Customer - Love it!!

    I absolutely love the ifetch too!! The small version was great and my Aussie loved it, but it was just too small for her. So glad I purchased the bigger version! I love that you can use regular tennis balls in it. I found the minis' were too hard to find and just way too expensive for how fast she was chewing them up. My favorite part of the ifetch too is that it is MUCH MUCH more quiet than the original, which makes everyone in the house happy. This product gives me the freedom to do housework, cleaning, laundry, etc. and she can still play fetch whenever she wants! Which is 24/7!! Product came super super fast which I was super happy about. Can't say enough about how happy I am with this! Worth every penny!!!!

  • W. Hazelton - Great Replacemnt

    I get better reception with this antenna than I did with the OEM version. And, no more hitting the garage door!

  • Della Anderson - Absolutely Outstanding Book!

    If you read no other books, the Medlov Men Series you don't want to bypass, or you will regret it. I look forward to more of these men. Fantastic job Latrivia!!!!!!