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  • M. Guides - Worked well for me

    This stuff was the easiest stuff to use in the basement after a fogger didn't work. I spread this stuff over the whole floor using a broom to make sure it covered the floor well. We stayed out of the basement for two days to make sure the little buggers would walk across it, as it only works if they get it on them. I also bought a pesticide duster to powder under the baseboard heating and the washer/dryer or anything else I could not move easy. Now you have to clean this stuff up as you really dont want your pets getting it on them, we used a hepa vacuum for the bulk of it then switched to a swiffer wet duster as we have a tile floor in the basement. Very important to use a paper face mask and safety goggles when putting this stuff down and cleaning it up, it is an eye, nose and throat irritant.

  • nurseychic - Unhappy Cat solution!!!

    Feliway works! You just need to use it for 3-4 weeks before you notice a difference in behaviour. A new addition to the house (boyfriend's cat) made one of my cats very unhappy - inappropriate peeing! I was about to go out of my mind trying everything under sun when I found Feliway - After 4 weeks, noticed he stopped peeing and was alot more calm. Also using GNC calming treats which really helped my little guy. And the feliway spay helped a bit. We were in process of buying a new house too - and plugged these babies in new house for 2 weeks too prior to moving cats to new place 2 months later and so far so good.. been in new house for 3 months and no inappropriate peeing! Using a few in house and in basement where litter boxes are. New territory and feliway seems to help situation of getting along. I might just keep it going for a while - each container will go for almost 2 months... just remember to refill them.. I have them all over the house...PS: Drfostersmith dot com has a great sale on multiple refills... I think you can get same deal on amazon if you look hard. :)

  • Scali - Awesome little camera

    The camcorder is lightweight and easy to use. This camcorder will fit into even the smallest of bag, So it is easy to carry around will out and about or travelling. Night mode works great on this camcorder. This camcorder would be great as a first camcorder for an adult or even a child. I would highly recommend it

  • tvlover - Make sure the kids are sleeping!

    This show keeps getting more and more depraved. I often have a hard time watching it. I like shows that challenge my comfort zone and so this is right up my alley. Make sure the kids are sleeping!