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  • T Geyer - My dog has had very nasty side effects including neurological issues like intense shaking

    Please BEWARE!! If you are using this collar as an alternative option due to adverse reactions in your dog from topicals or oral flea/tick preventives/killers, PLEASE use with extreme CAUTION!! My dog has had very nasty side effects including neurological issues like intense shaking, salivation, disorientation, loss of coordination, vomiting, etc from such treatments as trifexis (had a seizure), sentinel, topical spot treatments (Advantage, Frontline, etc). He can't even tolerate the natural spray flea killers like Wondercide (cedar oil) or Vet's Best Natural Flea & Tick Spray (peppermint oil); he runs and rolls like his skin is burning. Why did I put the collar on him? Desperation & pure exhaustion from the flea battle.

  • Mark R. Hayes - got what i paid for

    works like a charm and the price was right. had the usual small amount of trouble with installation just like any product you buy for your computer. most of it was getting rid of competing programs.

  • M. Paulson - Best ones yet!

    I love wireless headphones but the ones I tried either fell off easily or the battery life was too short. Also one only connected with Chinese commands. I tried some sports buds but fell off when I did even minor exercises. Then I found SENSO ActiBuds and found that they were everything they say. They stay on your ears, get as loud as you want, and the battery life last all day or night of continuous use. They quickly re-charge in a few hours. I am so happy with them I am ordering another pair for my wife!

  • Twinsx2 - This retinol cream from Uptown cosmetics is really nice. First of all

    This retinol cream from Uptown cosmetics is really nice. First of all, the jar that it comes in is very sleek and I really like the way the product is dispensed. You simply push down on the top of the jar and the perfect amount squirts out - no muss or fuss. The product itself is very light and has a nice scent. It feels great on my skin. I tend to have sensitive skin, but this has not dried out my skin or caused any sensitivity at all. I have been using the product for a few weeks now and I have loved the effects of it. I only use it at night, but it does state that it can be used twice a day if you'd like. It can also be worn under makeup. I feel like my face is less greasy, and it feels more tight and the lines around my eyes are less noticeable. Most importantly it just makes my face feel good. Overall I am very happy with this product!

  • soumia Mezari - amazing products

    Very nice cream first of all the smell of it is so yummy like jasmin flowers I use it with the pills, I love it a lot and start to apply it and massage my curve with it I think this way is fast useful after clean my curves with oil soap to open the skin cells to smell the cream easily, I use it twice and I will highly recommend this to my friends and family

  • Phyllis - Excellent gift for a man.

    This was a gift for my husband and he loves it. He uses it every day. I would definitely recommend this brand to others.