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  • mady - works well

    I have used Kaspersky Anti-Virus for over five years, and I like it. But I won't write six pages to tell you why. When I first got it, I found it rather complicated to use, and I had I to reinstall it a few times. However, I always found their tech support to be very good.

  • Yanli Jia - Unperfect and don't try to operate it when not sure

    One sympathetic string is out of tune - actually, it is loose. I tried to tighten it and broke this string. Now I have to play an unperfect sitar. Should find an instrument professional at first. Sighs. Although, as a super cheap sitar, it is fair enough. I will go and tune other strings now.

  • Ambsies - Case is falling apart

    For the first month I was completely happy with my candyshell case. It was nice looking, it didn't make my phone feel bulkier, it had a nice feel to it. But shortly after that one month window, the rubber around the screen basically started disintegrating. I'm not hard on my phones at all, I don't use lotions or sanitizers on my hands- so I couldn't figure out why the case was basically falling apart. I bought a nicer case, hoping it would last AT LEAST 6 months, but that didn't happen.

  • wisconsinmike - Saved the day after disappointing Xfinity implementation

    I was a little skeptical after reading all the 5 star reviews, but now I get it. Initially, I purchased an Xfinity (Comcast) router/cable modem/wireless access point. The reviews on that product were correct - the wireless is almost useless. The problem was solved within 15 minutes after the Almond arrived. Download speeds (using the Comcast speedtest site) went from 10 (with the Xfinity wifi) to 56 mbps for nearby computers, and from less than 1 (again using the Xfinity wifi) to a solid 12 mbps for laptops 35 ft away. It was easy to set up - I put the Xfinity router in bridge mode so the Securifi was acting as the NAT or main router. I downloaded the iPhone app, and have been successful in monitoring and even rebooting the router (located in Houston) from Wisconsin.