Eczema+Topical Steroid Addiction, Health & Healing - What if you found out your treatment was the cause of your condition? And making it worse? Dealing with life long Eczema, finding out you have become addicted to topical steroids and Topical Steroid...

  • Eczema+Topical Steroid Addiction, Health & Healing - Master List Resources For Eczema/Skin Conditions + How To Heal It With Diet & Lifestyle Changes Topical Steroid Addiction & Withdrawal Information (Aka Why Steroids Should Be Stopped ASAP) • Main blog...
  • Eczema+Topical Steroid Addiction, Health & Healing - vaganja: “chugway: “queendopamine: “ Just a friendly reminder that the brain of those who have suffered trauma is physically different than a “normal brain”. Trauma and abuse has a severe, long-term...
  • Eczema+Topical Steroid Addiction, Health & Healing - Bought my first piece of clothing in nearly 2 years. Before I got sick, I used to be that girl who dropped $700+ on online shopping for clothes & shoes in one go. But ever since going through...
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  • Eczema+Topical Steroid Addiction, Health & Healing - Month 18 steroid free and approaching 1 year one paleo auto immune protocol - actually went out on my birthday :) my hair is still thinning though :/

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  • suigeneris - Excellent Supplement

    I started taking choline for heart health, anti-inflammatory properties, and improved neurological function. Even on a low dose (250mg/day) I noticed a difference. Now I am taking 1,000 mg/day and oh my. My mental clarity is 100 times better. I am a cancer survivor and struggle with the aftereffects of chemotherapy called "chemobrain" - which is a permanent perpetual brain fog and memory impairment. Since taking this, my short term memory has improved, as has my mental clarity. I feel more alert and more on top of things. I am considering increasing my dose to 1,500 mg/day. I am postmenopausal due to surgery. I take this in combination with 12 g of Inositol a day 

  • Amazon Customer - Very useful

    I was prescribed this product by my health care provider to address PCOS and other hormonal issues. The first month, the my cycle was interrupted, but the cramps and PMS symptoms were there - on a smaller level - but for a longer time since my cycle was greatly delayed. However, the rapid growth of facial hair visibly decreased within a week. I'd give it 5 stars, but it is hard on the stomach! My doctor said it didn't matter if I took on an empty stomach - major fail - I felt like had swallowed an electric cheese grater when I took this stuff w/o eating. Same thing if I take too close to bed time. Eat a solid meal and take a good couple hours before going to bed in the evening.

  • truong duong - Stop paying for the dealer

    I drove nearly 2000 miles from California to Texas and only fill up the tank with cheapest gas all the way to texas. The problem was that I drove smoothly without any delay when accelerating,but by the time I arrived Texas,had everything settle down,The nightmare appear! I drove straight to Autozone and got a code P0420, Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold. I was scared the s*** out of me 'cuz I know the new CAT could cost me $1000 to replace,and my car is an used one so I don't wanna pay too much for an old car so I tried some search and found CATACLEAN on Amazon.First try i followed the instruction on the bottle,but after 30 miles of running and still MEL on.I really thought of paying some money to tun that damn light OFF. But today when I'm writting this review, and my car is nearly out of gas,MEL went OFF by itself.And I do believe that this product worked!

  • lewy901 - HIGH Arches

    The arches were way too high and actually poked into the arch of my feet and bruised both arches after only 10 minutes. If you need high arch shoes, these are the ones for you, if not, they will hurt your feet, I had to return them.

  • janet - this product has really helped me tremendously as i was ...

    this product has really helped me tremendously as i was experiencing severe back and hip pains from a fall I received in October,2013 and they have finally eased up

  • Ellen T. Brown - Great Story

    This is the first book I have read by Scott Pratt and loved it. Very fast-paced and well-written. Held my interest from beginning to end. I didn't want to put it down once I started it. I will certainly look for his other works.

  • Ruth - Auto desk customer service does not exist

    After installing autoCAD LT I noticed it would crash when I use the hatching. I have tried to contact auto desk but they have yet to answer my calls to fix the issue. ( if you are reading this auto desk, post a phone number where a real person answers )