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  • Donald J. Mackay - Long Term User

    Ten years ago, I was surprised when my doctor told me I had the start of male pattern baldness. He recommended 5% Rogaine, but I purchased generic minoxidil because it was less than half the price.

  • Brandon - Really great protection and does not seem to lag systems down

    Really great protection and does not seem to lag systems down. Amazon is the best place to by internet protection as you will save at least $50 over in store and not have to mess with mail-in-rebates. Also if you can find last years version, ie 2014 when 2015 is out buy the older one since you get upgraded for free when you install it.

  • Tim & Stephanie Brock - Love! Love! Love! Love! Love it!

    I have flipped through this cookbook a couple times since receiving it yesterday and I am overall impressed with it! I had anticipated being impressed with it. Some of the recipes are ones I would have never thought to try (Korean-style tacos for example), but looking at the ingredients, it makes me very excited to try it! The pictures are amazing in the book. Gina always writes her recipes well. They are very easy to follow. I love the "Skinny Scoop" tips she adds. I was happy to see that a crock pot recipe for bread also included the temperature and minutes needed if I decided to bake it instead. The first Skinnytaste book was filled with wonderful recipes. They did usually take at least an hour to cook though. This "Fast and Slow" cook book couldn't have come at a better time for me. I'm starting college classes again and won't have an hour every night to devote to cooking like I love to do. This cook book will be extremely helpful when I'm in a time crunch but don't want to eat fast food. There has not been a recipe of hers yet that I've tried and not liked so when I saw a pre-order up on Amazon for this book 4 months ago, I didn't hesitate in signing up for a pre-order.


    ITS A MIRACLE WAITING TO BE TRIED!! A little history... I don't have PCOS. I have normal cycles, and have been trying to conceive for 4 years(charting and all). I had a failed IVF back in May ( doctor said bad eggs). So I did a little research on improving egg quality and it led me to myo-inositol . my goal was to get better eggs the second time around. its been only 2 months on Pregnitude, and I got a positive on EPT today. To think 4 long years of agony and 20K down all it took was 40 dollars and some DHEA to get to this point. I believe it greatly improved my egg quality, since Myo-inositol is the key ingredient in the fluid that nourishes the egg in its sac (before its release). Try it , its a supplement, it wont hurt. Good luck

  • D. C. - best shoes ever

    Love these shoes they are the best shoes I have ever had, my feet do not hurt at all no matter how long I am on them, if you have had foot pain in the past , these will surprise you. They run small I have never worn 9, and I ordered 9 perfect fit

  • Patricia Crook - Great read

    I had read the Joe Dillard series & couldn't wait to read the next one. I have pre-ordered #8 in the series & I'm waiting for it to be released. Meanwhile I thought I'd read one of Mr. Pratt's other books. Justice Redeemed was what I picked.