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  • Amazon Customer - Really useful if you know something about accounting

    I was wary of purchasing this product because of the mixed reviews, but the reviews of TurboTax Business were even worse. So I purchased this product because it was only $42 and because I figured Amazon would back it up if the software froze up my machine. $42 is a good price because the TurboTax package is about twice that cost, e.g. $90, and professional software runs about $230. No downside risk. Upside 50/50 I figured.

  • Emil - Works great, but must have some hair.

    Ive been using this stuff for about three years now. I began when I noticed my bald spot coming in when I turned 30. It works great. It won't come off even in the swimming pool unless you rub it. It must be shampooed to fully come out. It does show on white collars, pillow cases etc. so be careful. You can hair spray it to make it hold better, but do not have to. Toppik sells spray, but they charge a lot, when any hair spray will do. One important thing, is that you must still have some hair in plaice for the fibers to cling to. If you are absolutely bald and apply this, you will have to add hairspray, and it will look completely unnatural, like you painted it on. One .97 ounce bottle last me about 6 months, using about 5x a week for a 3" diameter bald spot.

  • J Leibrandt - Easy to charge and use

    Easy to charge and use, and fits easily in my to-go bag for long adventures. Holds 4 full charges for my Samsung Galaxy

  • LPresto - Terrible

    I gave it one star because I had to. I wanted to give it none. A few funny parts but it didn't make up for the forced pop culture references & the jokes didn't even come off funny. Save your money, wait until it comes on TV. This movie is terrible.

  • Ray O. Vac - Downhill slide of service

    I bought one of these direct from Freedompop about 1.5 years ago. At first, it usually worked on both my smartphone and my laptop, but not often enough to be dependable. Downhill from there. Buyers should know that it works only with a 4G wimax signal, not a 4G LTE signal. My house is square and deep within a 4G wimax area in Seattle--according to Freedompop's coverage map--but over the time I've had this modem, it is having a harder and harder time finding any 4G wimax signal. This is a problem everywhere I go now, and now the signal is so hard to come by that the device is pretty much useless. So either the coverage maps are wrong (and 4G wimax is getting phased out) or the device has just lost the necessary sensitivity to be practical. Doing a reset didn't help at all. I feel like I've spent so much time futzing with this and have gotten comparatively little use out of it, so it hasn't been worth the money to me. To make matters worse, customer service at Freedompop is next to impossible to access. Freedompop's other devices are tempting, but given my experience with this, I won't be buying into any of them in the near future.

  • Sid Curless - Love this bumper!

    Really enjoyed getting this bumper for my Tacoma. It is solid steel and well built. Takes 2 people to install it but solid as a rock once bolted up. Only negative is no license plate lights, as required by my state. Got some LED lights and wired up a harness, but could be a nice addition to the bumper if offered. I highly recommend this bumper if you need a strong, sturdy and amazingly stout attachment point for your Tacoma!

  • Tyler - Easy to use, no frills, great price point

    This pump creates an excellent seal and extends the life of opened wine to ~5-6 days for me. It works by removing oxygen which prevents wine from deteriorating into vinegar. As you pump, you know that enough air has been removed when it makes a clicking noise. After that, I can literally pick up a nearly full wine bottle by the rubber cork due to the suction (don't recommend this!). To remove the suction you just push the flexible rubber "nose" of the stopper to the side and you will hear the seal release. This is a no frills, simple way to extend the life of your opened wine. If you are looking for a fancy electric device to show-off to your wine connoisseur friends then I would look elsewhere.