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  • J. Hamby - Can't do without it!

    This was very easy to install, took about 15 minutes is all. It works exactly as advertised. Sound quality is good, but you do have to turn the volume up louder than your radio so when you go from this to your radio, remember to turn the volume down first! Overall I am very satisfied and wish I bought it sooner. I've used this for over 6 months with no issues.

  • LibraLadee - LOVE

    This primer is the **it. Staying power is wonderful and it does not crease your shadow over time. Makes all my shadows pop like I never knew (even with MAC products that are already high in pigment.) Also, you do not need alot of product to get the desired effect and it is way easier than Urban Decays primer as far as getting the stuff out the bottle.

  • Moises R. - Looks softer than it is

    The product looks a lot more softer than it is. I thought it would be like having my hand in a pillow, but it feels as if I had my hand on top of my leg. It's hard, but with a soft cover.

  • Hogwyld78 - Great beginner clubs

    I am a beginner at golf and started with an old set of clubs from a friend. When i purchased these Top Flite clubs from amazon i was amazed at how quickly they arrived. It was 2 days sooner than expected. I was very pleased with these clubs. Perfectly packaged, shipped, exactly as described. My golf game has actually improved and i feel confident carrying Top Flite. I would definately recommend these clubs.

  • Truthis... - It's a good product

    I cannot eat or drink or my breath will start to have an odor again when using this, but overall it's a decent product

  • Maverick - Rivaled only by a in home Personal Trainer

    As a novice to these types of games it was easy to use and understand, especially considering I had a bleary eyed 5 am start. The routines were easy to follow and the "learn it" features are great. My favorite so far is boot camp, lack of coordination made latin dancing frustrating, no slow step by step. You would have to run through the "learn it" a couple of times to get it. My other issue with this is that unlike most workout DVDs there are no modifications shown. I have challenges with my back and knees and some exercises such as plank push up are not for me. But if you are comfortable with ignoring the score you can do your own modification, after researching proper form, and have fun. The expectation is that over time you'll get better and your score will improve. But there so many options there is something for everyone. The calories burned is way off. I use a polar heart rate monitor and the system noted a 80 calorie burn my polar calculated 336. The Kinect interface is excellent and it will help you to learn and maintain proper form, important to minimize injury. So not as great as having a personal trainer coming to your home at 5am, but it is the next best thing!

  • Amazon loyal customer - Comes with three "free" months of Ancestory access? Strings are attached!

    Great product with a, but...offer of "Free" three months of Ancestory access not exactly right. Everyone need to know they have to provide credit card to access it and they keep it on file so if you forget to cancel at the end of your free 3 months you're credit card is charged again. OMG! Thats just not right and I don't think any business has that right of demand. Bogus offer or thats how I feel about it.