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  • Mary B D - Use at your own risk!

    We were very happy with Peachtree (now Sage) accounting software which we used for 20+ years. We had some questions and after waiting for hours on hold, we were told we should update, so in August of 2014 we bought the updated latest version. Right from the start, we had many problems. We are a small business with gross sales of under $1,000,000. Suddenly, System Cost Adjustments began appearing in our financial statements, for 1st for $293,000, then for $4,239,987. Sage was unable to provide any assistance at all, telling us that these entries were made automatically and telling us we had to buy an annual Sage Support package, the cheapest of which was $649.00. I believe there was a virus in the software. Sage provided no solution to our dilemma. Even our accountant was perplexed by the crazy figures and spent many hours fixing the problem. We decided to move to another accounting program. After using Peachtree/Sage for so many years, the transition was painful. However, the problems caused by Sage were enormous and beyond our ability to fix, and apparently beyond Sage's capabilities to fix either.

  • BilkoSW - Disappointing product

    I was impressed with other Shark products enough to buy this vacuum to replace an Oreck. First of all this vacuum weighs more than the Oreck and has a smaller head and is noisier, but to its credit, costs less. As another reviewer said, the true test of this vacuum is whether it will last more than 13 months. Well, it is just shy of 7 1/2 months and this vacuum just died. It was preceded by a very loud sound coming from the motor but was not the result of running over or trying to pick up any large objects. It happened with normal use. When calling the customer service, it was obvious I was talking to Asia. The person belabored the fact that I needed to be sure that the electricity was working in my house. He then informed me that I'd need to ship it insured, all at my expense to N.C., and then spend $16.99 to have it fixed despite its alleged 5 year warranty. Sorry, but this product just doesn't last with normal use and their warranty and customer service leave much to be desired. There will be no more Shark products in my household and my friends and family and Amazon will learn of the fact that I cannot recommend it or other Shark products.

  • Shane - Maptitude is one of the best spatial modeling programs that I have encountered so far ...

    Maptitude is one of the best spatial modeling programs that I have encountered so far through my experience in GIscience. Caliper has a wonderful customer service that is very quick to respond when you need something. I highly recommend to anyone learning GIsystems to give Maptitude a try. The visuals and array of tools is incredible. Highly recommended.

  • npete - Disappointed that the pic shows the chairs with the side ...

    Disappointed that the pic shows the chairs with the side trays and had read reviews stating that the side trays came with their chairs when ordered, however mine did NOT come with the side trays. I bought this set specificly because it was two chairs with two side trays for a great price! I don't have time to return and get a refund due to buying these chairs for our upcoming vacation next week.

  • John T. Gatlin Jr. - Five Stars

    hip hop just got a real boost that was well needed. This CD is banging and the beats aren't over the top but not sloppy either. The beats are mostly over lyrics which was slick because as the CD grew on me I appreciated how he kept it pure HIP-HOP throughout. This is the 1st CD I can bang from front to back in a long time while making my drive more enjoyable. A lot was said also which is rare now a days. If you are just into hyped up radio hits you will have to listen 3-4x's at least to un-tune your ears.

  • Keahi - Cool cleanse and really got me into a schedule as ...

    Came within days. Absurdly expensive, but did it with my coworkers and we each lost 10 pounds within the week! Cool cleanse and really got me into a schedule as well as better eating habits. However, before you start, make sure you're willing to keep doing it and stay on a strict diet, otherwise you'll gain the weight back quickly (as with all diets like this one).

  • CyberChick - Bad move, Acronis

    I am a long time Acronis user and have been using 2010 flawlessly for some time with a whole suite of backups that run nightly and write to a removable disk for disaster recovery. I recently upgraded to 2016. What a mistake. I purposely chose the non-cloud version. Out of the box, it tries to force you to log in using a non-standard port. This doesn't work for machines that are either standalone or behind properly configured firewalls. Further, a local only solution should not require any login anywhere. Per Acronis support, there is no way to remove the login prompt as there is only ONE software package, and the license specifies whether you have cloud or local only capability. So the only option non-cloud users have is to X out of the login prompt every time the application is started. How will this work for automated backups? I don't yet know. The interface is totally redesigned and now completely non-intuitive; it has multiple options that you would *think* would be what you would use but no, these options only work if you have the cloud version. Gone is the very simple and easy to understand table of scheduled backups that you can modify and or select from to run intermediate backups. Gone is the ability to create a backup file name that you can actually read on the screen (now the file name is the same as the backup name and is in a LARGE font in a column that displays only the first 8-10 characters). Gone is the ability to create file names that automatically contain the date. In all, I'm unimpressed and looking for a refund. Acronis was once very good software. Bad move, Acronis.