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Country:, Europe, LU

City: 6.1667 , Luxembourg

  • Misha - Finally, a decent "best of" Bad Co.on one disc

    Great collection. Superb mastering job. If you like this band, you should already own at least their first two records. This disc does a fine job of covering the rest of their work on one disc. Hopefully, this disc will encourage you to buy some more of their music.

  • Cameron - a speaker box that has to be better reinforced

    the speaker box I got was not reinforced well after putting some hot glue in almost all the cracks in and crevices and put in a couple of screws in some places the box handle my speakers a lot better and what is split at the seams but all in all the box was pretty cheap when I bought it so you pay for what you get

  • DRae - i just got this product for free for review purposes ...

    i just got this product for free for review purposes. before i start using this product it has a lots of ants already crawling inside the house especially in the kitchen sink area and bathrooms, when i start using this ulyrasonic pest repeller i notice that more ants come out then after a week or so still i continue using this product until i notice again that the ants are gone lesser by lesser until one day i dont see any ants anymore. so therefore i conclude that this product is really working.

  • Mom of Two. - Nail is beautiful now. Wish I used this to start

    I used a CVS brand for first year, but then when nail was healing and half of nail was grown out, I switched to this product. Nail is beautiful now. Wish I used this to start. My nail would have healed faster. Plus you only need one application vs. three times a day.

  • Sally - A little scary, but works wells

    This tool is a little scary to use, but works really well. It takes some getting used to attaching the food to the spiked handle. The thickness setting is very easy to adjust. It takes some practice to get even slices top to bottom.

  • B. Myers - Yup - Believe the hype!

    I saw the product reviews and told some coworkers, so we bought a bag (because who doesn't want to spend the workday on the toilet AND get paid, right??). Brought them in yesterday morning and a bunch of the guys immediately downed a handful each. Within half an hour they were in the bathroom. Best moment of the day was when one of them (who had been in the bathroom for half an hour by that point) texted one of the others. "If you think it's a's NOT." hahhaaaaaa

  • Nate - Great pair of headphones!

    My sister wanted some headphones to go with her rose gold iPhone and loved these. They're lightweight, sound great and very affordable! No complaints from a 9th grader so you know they're great!