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  • Teri - Great printer, installing ink and set up time no ...

    Great printer, installing ink and set up time no problems, prints a lot faster and better prints than last printer I had and I Loved that printer except when buying ink cartridges but had to replace it due to new OS Window 10 install, overall glad I pulled the trigger on this one.

  • sunny'smom - Another Use

    Actually have not had to use this product for fleas yet this summer, thank goodness. And I'm happy I ordered it early on when the price was much lower. However, because of the unusual dampness here the past few months I have once again begun to have an ant problem. About a decade ago a friend went to Australia and my souvenir was a package of wipes to help rid anyone having a problem with ants. The wipes contained peppermint and clove oil. The wipes worked to eliminate my problem. So, I am presently using the Vet's Best Natural Flea & Tick Home Spray for that purpose and happy to report I am having great success! Maybe it will help others having the same problem with ants.

  • R. M. Watt - This product is great for keeping your hands warm so that you can ...

    I am a serious amateur photographer that likes to take snow pictures. This product is great for keeping your hands warm so that you can operate the camera controls. I wear a glove on my left hand to hold the camera in that hand. I keep my right hand in my pocket kept warm by the Zippo Hand Warmer. I can fire off a lot of shots until my hand gets cold at which time I will return my hand to my pocket to get warm again. Fingerless gloves never did work right for me so this product fits the bill perfectly.

  • Mz.Oakland - Stay Phresh!

    This is one of those topics women shy away from but when one of my besties told me she wanted to remedy her chronic BV my ears perked up because I too have suffered from BV since my 1st pregnancy 9 years ago. I cant stand that un fresh feeling and when I can smell myself. With this product I do not have that issue at all anymore! Smell gone. I'm a girly woman again. Some may say its expensive but after about 2 months of consistent use I can get 60 days out of one bottle and take a tablet every other day and I stay nice and phresh!

  • Aiden - Awsome!!!

    great game but some flaws. many mods were unfinished/unrealistic as base model tractors and other tools.had lots of fun playing and look forward to future versions>

  • danny - pretty pretty pretty nifty product

    being a photographer I am always wary of my gear. having this allowed me to put this in a satchel, like indian jones, obviously not as cool though, and allowed it look like a ordinary bad and not a photo gear bag!

  • L. M. Dillon - A variable feast.

    The best test of a children's book is to read it to your grandkids. The best entertain the adult as well as the children. Mine were entertained by some of the stories but asked if we could skip some of them. I agreed. Some stories were a bit long-winded and just did not capture their attention. They did enjoy the stories that did.