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  • Emily Alsup - Wonderful for shingles and psoriasis

    This is an amazing product. I had a recent doubt of shingles which is painful and extremely itchy. The prescribed medication did little to help heal the lesions or manage the itching. Emuaid helped tremendously with the pain as well as itching. It also helped to clear up the lesions. I have also begun to use it on my chronic psoriasis which is often itchy and inflamed. Of the dozens of products I have tried this is the only one that has helped to clear my psoriasis plaque and soothe the inflammation. Overall, a fantastic product for acute and chronic skin conditions.

  • Amazon Customer - Very Good Earbuds...

    I'm really enjoying these buds on my walks/runs. They do block some noise but just enough so you still hear what's going on around you. I used the smallest rubber inserts for my ears and they seem too stay in just fine. I've tried several others and was not happy with them.

  • peariver - It's a Rockettech and a great price

    Daughter loves the bat, it is replacing an older Rockettech which does not have the new USSSA stamp which will soon be required for USSSA play. Nothing wrong with her older Rockettech except it is one inch shorter and one ounce lighter. I'm sure this one will last and produce like the other.

  • Farmer Pete - Cheap Quality

    Build quality is less than I was expecting. The case is pretty worthless. It does the job, as long as you aren't expecting too much. Obviously, if you were going to be using these much, I would recommend going with a better brand. If you just want them for the once a year project to assemble a bed/desk/bicycle etc, it should work for you. It's only a few months since I got this, and I've already replaced it with a higher quality and more comprehensive collection of sockets.

  • Guy Stryder - Not for waxed floors

    I could not find the following information except once I held the bottle in my hand. So beware to all prospective buyers: While this product appears to be excellent, it is NOT for waxed floors. Know this now, and avoid returning it later.

  • kkrome25 - Not an All-Purpose Glue

    I think this glue is best used for porous surfaces like stone, wood, drywall, foam, rug material, cloth and brickwork. It dries brittle, with practically no elasticity, so I don't recommend it for automotive applications where there is a lot of mechanical vibration. It also takes longer than 24 hours to dry, and it foams and leaves a lot of run-off. So if you have holes or voids to fill, this glue is perfect. I consider Gorilla Glue to be the new improved, waterproof version of white glue. The manufacturer claims this is the world's strongest glue, but I don't think so. And it's not an all-purpose glue like Household Goop, or The Welder.