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  • bugout - Didn't work for me

    Didn't work for me, although I was careful to follow the instructions. I had some staining on vinyl siding and applied this. I ended up just doing a pressure wash which removed all of the staining, even the part that I didn't treat with this. The suggested convenience and cost savings of using this ended up just being a waste of time.

  • S. Culverwell - wet and forget

    Seems to have done a nice job of killing the moss on my stepping stone path way and on the dirveway. I still need to scrape the dead moss off. So far, it doesn't appear to have done much of a job of cleaning up my rear patio.

  • LogicJab - and I'm in love. It's adjustable to all get out

    This is the first compound bow I've used, and I'm in love. It's adjustable to all get out, it works well, and it's a blast to shoot. It's a bit loud, but maybe that's because I'm used to recurves

  • Anton Krajicek - Does not fit with out modifications.

    This did not fit my 2014 JKU. The pin holes are too short by a half in in the middle to an inch on the outside. I would return it, but I jumped the gun and had it painted. Lesson learned, pay the extra upfront and get Wild Boar.