Synthroid (Thyroxine 25/50/100/200mcg tablets) - Order Online - UK - Synthroid is being used as a replacement for a type of hormone that is produced normally by the thyroid gland. This hormone is responsible for the regulation of

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  • Obesity Fuelling the Surge in Cancer of the Womb in the UK - The number of women in the UK afflicted by cancer of the womb has been rising fast and this is being caused by obesity, studies suggest. The BBC News
  • Hypothyroidism May Cause Type 2 Diabetes - People suffering from hypothyroidism may still be at risk of contracting type 2 diabetes even when their level of thyroid hormones have been managed, latest
  • Zika Virus Can Be Transmitted Sexually - The Zika virus which has been making headlines lately can be transmitted via sexual intercourse, new scientific evidence shows. In the last few months, the
  • Patients Worried About Misdiagnosis of Hypothyroidism - Patients want a more feasible method for detecting and treating hypothyroidism as many have been misdiagnosed because of unreliable methods, latest report
  • Intestinal Worms Lower the Risk of IBD - People cringe at the thought of Intestinal worms which are responsible for a number of problems which include diarrhea, abdominal pains, dysentery and many

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  • Squeaker - Crossbars Are The Perfect Fit!

    Roof Racks fit as OEM equipment should even though they are not. Installed in less than 30 minutes. Just returned from a 2000 mile trip and had no issues whatsoever!

  • Reno Elder - The current version of M S Office offers little improvement over older versions

    I personally have used every M S Office Version since the first one ever made. Frankly I don't think that driving bureaucratic tasking at Microsoft Corporate to "Get the new upgrade released for sale" led to any improvements - period. The 2010 version and the current version except for (perhaps) some obscure seldom used feature in the 2016 release, are equal in their utility to almost all users. My view if you can get the older say 2010 version cheaper, then do that! You do not gain your extra monies worth by paying extra for "today's current version". Well unless you need some kind of unusual "bragging rights" about "I only use the most current version" and that is important to your self esteem.

  • Elizabeth - Home feels like a hotel!

    Love these product. I love what it does to my hair. Smells great, not as strong as the one that I used in the Hilton hotel but, it gets the job done. I bought a set for each of my bathrooms so my guests can feel like they are in a hotel when they are staying in my home

  • atrac - 20 Watts of rocking power!

    A speaker that has 20 Watts (two 10 Watt drivers) for just under $40? That doesn't seem possible? What's the catch? There is no catch! Vtin has managed to produce a beef sounding speaker at a value price.

  • W. Price - Kaspersky Kas-fan!

    In my lifetime since the computer came into my life I have floated among all the free version of software that you can imagine...some have come and gone...others have maintained and kept growing. I know I have a story about each and have read many comparison charts and in depth studies of which is the best AV (Anti-Virus) package of the year. There are a few free antivirus packages out there that I recommend, but in this time of 8 year olds playing around with code trying to emulate the hacker culture...they release things they don't know about fully and can cause much damage unwittingly. The same can be said for many that play around with such things trying to be one of the "cool" kids or l33t...but more times than not they only learn as much is needed to be dangerous and not fully know the extent of damage their malware, virus, or trojan can do. Many times it is in the learning stage that these things get released, or it may be something they did to get even with work or someone even, or it can be that idiot that is a keyboard punk with bravery in anonymity...whoever it some point it makes it to you. So, I don't know that you would want to totally rely on a free version of anything for ones protection. In fact some of those free version of software won't work completely in lieu of having a license. Some don't do real-time monitory, some don't let you schedule scans, and some will only run for thirty days. This is where Kaspersky comes in. Kaspersky has for the longest time been at the top of many of those "Best of.." lists and the go to place for information on the nastiness that can kill your pc's performance, take your data hostage, use your machine for it's purposes, or kill your machine all together. They are at the top of all those things that you don't want on your machine that are trending out in cyberspace and there is new nastiness every day. It sells on their site for any price between $25-$75 that I know of personally, so to see it on Amazon for $21 I couldn't pass it up and since my license was 2 days from expiring...I didn't. This is a downloadable purchase, so once you pay you will get a message that contains the download location of the software itself and a key in order to register it. Also, keep in mind that this is a ****3 USER LICENSE**** meaning you can use it on three Microsoft Windows machines, so it becomes an even better deal in knowing that. Seven dollars a seat isn't bad at all and most people I know, especially families, have more than one machine in the house anyhow. You can't go wrong with Kaspersky AV...I highly recommend it...they have daily updates most of the time and it runs real time...scanning all files in use.