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Country:, Europe, IE

City: -6.2595 Leinster, Ireland

  • EJK-AZ - Nicely constructed but didn't work well

    Had to return it wouldn't hold sync and when it did the weather wouldn't work. It was a nice watch I wish it had worked for me.

  • Dennis Cheung - is paying people to spam this product is paying people to spam this product and others like it with one star reviews. If you like this costume and think it's fun, go ahead and buy it. I have nothing to do with this product other than I think these people who spam a product with illegitimate reviews are dishonest and I think customers should get the full facts about these reviews before they make a purchase. Thank you for reading.

  • KENNY LAU - Fastest charger I’ve used!

    This is by far the best charger I've seen! Gives full juice to both ports at the same time! Charges both my iPhone6 and my Win8 tablet at the same time, and both quickly!

  • Jordan Aviano - It's ok

    It's ok...... If you never want to take the case off. Or don't want to use a screen protector because it wont work with 1. I've tried multiple times. Different screen protectors.

  • suzanne smith - Anti-Aging Device A Disappointment

    I am disappointed with this device . In other words it does not meet my expectations. First of all when I use the device it creates age spots and then I need to buy creams to get rid of the age spots. The age spots do not seem to disappear with usage of the device. The Siruis device has a different head for getting rid of age spots , rejuvenating the skin and another head for getting rid of small wrinkles. I think this device would be more efficient. Secondly, it is difficult to obtain the lubricant to use with the device and so it is sometimes difficult to get the device to glide across the skin. The machine does not work well at the side of the face where there are crows feet. The results seem to be effective but by the next day it seems that we are back at square one. Overall I do not recommend this device.