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  • Tye D. - 100% the real deal

    Having not so good luck finding organic pure shea butter in my area I decided to try online and I received product today and I already feel that I made a great decision to purchase this brand. It is actual, authentic shea (sourced in Ghana), as in not processed or artificially colored and I do appreciate the smoothness of the product which i would assume come from how it is manufactured into the jar. It melts with ease right onto the skin and has the aroma that shea butter is suppose to have and was not scented or enhanced at all which is just another reason why this was a great choice. The product is easy to use and the size should last me a few months (i use it sparingly) and I have already used the product in a few ways (hair, skin and as carrier for another stronger oil) and I have been more then pleased with the results and have no issues in any of the applications thus far. Overall I love where the product comes from, how it was processed (or lack thereof,) its safe and no animal testing for the product either.

  • Alicia - Instant softness

    I purchased this because I read in many reviews that it added shine to hair. I have not seen the shine I hoped for but the product does make my hair feel soft and less dry. I will continue to use it to counter the drying effects of the hair dryer, flat iron and coloring.

  • C. Ward - Not for sensitive skins!

    I tried a sample of "Intense Serum" tonight. At first, it felt Ok, although I noticed a film on my face and I tend to like products that absorb completely. Keeping an open mind, I did not wipe or wash off. Well sure enough,after an hour and building onward after that, my face felt the beginning of what I call a "chemical burn." I got an icepack but finally decided to just wash with COLD water and get rid of whatever product was left. I would NOT buy this product. I should have known better anyway: products that say "Anti-aging" and have ANY sort of "acid" etc. , are a big no-no for my sensitive skin. So BE CAREFUL if you have senstive skin .

  • Amazon Customer - Cheap not lasting color 😁

    I bought this hair dye followed the instructions to a tee bleached my hair to make sure it was lightened as instructed and put the color in it was vibrant for the first 3 days then imediately faded after that color only lasted maybe 5 washes the purple color then after that faded to a light light pink now its all splotchy and gone. Don't waste your money

  • Chad Hoover - Just another pyramid scheme

    Just another pyramid scheme. Too expensive. Anyone will lose weight drinking nothing but shakes 3 times a day as a meal. They tell you if you are not satisfied you get your money back but that is not true.

  • Amazon Customer - wasn't for me

    Didn't see any boosts in anything, not even recovery time. If anything, may of had an adverse affect for me.