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  • garo - Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in it

    Seems pretty good after I put an SSD in know it's time that all laptops have SSD's as standard.....please no more 5400 rpm HD's!! Also upon removing the MB to install more memory I found no expansion slot...just 4gb of RAM soddered to the board. So it's limited to 4gb RAM. If anyone sees different please let me know. All-in-all can't complain for the price.

  • Herman F. East - Works

    Had a small loss of coolant. Figured it was head gasket as I never could see any coolant under the car. Put this in as I haven't had to add any more coolant.

  • Jennifer Browne - Very nice planner with some fun little bits!

    Awesome calendar layout! The only thing I don't like is its not spiral bound so you have to hold the page open in an awkward position to write on each side. Other than that it's a great planner that you can use for home or office. I also love the inspirational quotes plus the notes and doodle pages!

  • Hypnotist - Video stabilization doesn't work.

    I installed this program on a six-core 12GB computer with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Roxio was the first program installed. My main purpose of this purchase was for video stabilization. IT WON'T WORK. I contacted Roxio by e-mail four times yesterday. With each new trouble ticket, I was given the same steps to follow, even though I told them that those fixes didn't work. I asked if I could speak to someone who might help me past this hurdle, only to receive a duplicate copy of the previous instructions. Somehow, my requests for service seem to go unread after the first line describing the problem.

  • R. Glass - YES! They have Toilets!

    One ignorant reviewer questioned China's use of actual toilets. They do have toilets as well as sewage systems throughout the country. How do you think they created the Yellow River?