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Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Karin C. - Just what I needed: simple, functional

    Just what I needed: gentle running, brisk walking an I can take it into the water and the pod will count my laps and analyze my style. Though I'm not so very competitive and rather elderly (64 years) moov keeps me motivated. I do have difficulty fastening the little knobs into the rubber band, though, due to athrosis in my thumb joints. It's a bit painful.

  • Kirk - OK performance but delicate desing with balance bars which break off and make the tool not usable

    Good quality kit that is similar to the Hole Pro X-230 also sold on Amazon but with some important differences.

  • Tootsie - Works for Me.

    This is my second WaterPik WP100. My first one lasted about 18 months with every day use and then just stopped working. Does take up some counterspace on my bathroom vanity, but not too much. I rinse and dry the tank after every use. I've been using this WP with Periogen tartar remover around my upper back molars. This unit also cleans my permanent bridge better than floss. If you have periodontal pockets, this helps rinse away food particles, but you'll still need to floss to remove stubborn plaque.