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  • Amazon Customer - Was not better than Curcubrain

    Im a person who buys Longvida to help my problem to remember names (names, streets, foods, etc). Wanted to try this brand as an alternative to Curcubrain because it has more capsules (90 vs 50) per bottle and save some money on shipments. As anti inflamatory works similar but for memory improvements, I did not see any personal (subjective) improvement as Curcubrain does. However, it might work better for other people.

  • Jason - It's brought two marine batteries and two car batteries back ...

    It's brought two marine batteries and two car batteries back from the dead! So far I am on the desulfator train! I use it mainly on my two cars that sit and don't get driven much, and every six months on my two marine batteries.

  • Susan - new hair cleansing concept

    I browsed thru other reviews of this product before ordering and using. When the bottle came I tried it and liked it very much. Like other users, after three or four days I felt my hair was weighed down and a bit limp. I tried my old (professional) shampoo and used Hair One as the conditioner. This worked very well. I have decided to ease into the use of Hair One. I use just Hair One on even days and I use my shampoo and Hair One as the conditioner on odd days. I am an avid user of Moroccian Oil. I have found that I hardly ever need the oil anymore. My hair is in MUCH better condition. I read that one user felt her hair dried faster, I do not experience that. Rinsing is super important, when in doubt - keep rinsing! After a few weeks I tried Hair One as a leave in conditioner on my ends - that was nice, so so so soft hair!! I am gradually going longer between "normal shampoo" uses. Hair One takes getting used to, but it does what it claims to do. Unlike many users I have found 6 or 7 pumps to be more than enough. I do have fine hair, but lots of it - about shoulder length. I suppose everyone has their preference for number of pumps. The first try I used what the bottle recommended - and rinsed forever to get it all out. My hair feels clean and bouncy with 6 or 7 pumps. (total) I will be recommending Hair One to friends. As a sidenote: I did experiment using Hair One as a shaving cream on my legs. This works well, smells awesome, but did not seem to add any moisture to my skin.

  • wkmill - Con Artists

    This company are experts at being cons. Don't waste your time and money. Way over priced for product results.