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  • C. Mills - I tested it... And then it leaked

    Received yesterday, tested it an took to the waterpark this morning. Within 2 hours there was water inside. Not a ton but enough that I won't be using this again. It might work for one day if you are lucky, as long as you don't purposely put it in water. I did have fun taking a few pictures. Phone will not be going back in waterpark with this case. It did fit the 6+ perfectly. Definitely not the daily waterpark solution I was looking for.

  • bigdawg - Disappointed

    I am a big fan of Amazon and religiously read product reviews before making purchase decisions. That being said I purchased the Sodastream from another vendor because of a great deal. I am extremely disappointed in the flavors. All of the flavors I have tried other than those that say no artificial ingredients added have a terrible artificial sweetener aftertaste. Most don't even taste like the flavor they are trying to imitate. I didn't buy this product to experiment purchasing flavors from other sources. I wanted to cut down on my use of artificially flavored teas and sodas.In addition I find I need to carbonate an additional 2 buzzes (5) to just get my beverage moderately sparkling thus adding to my cost per bottle.

  • Deborah - Must have book

    I was hoping I could just use my FA 2012, but after purchasing 2013 I realize how many more advantages this copy has. The index, corrected errors, and the additional pictures are very nice. What's not mentioned is that more information is presented in table form (as opposed to paragraph clumps) and more information is added to certain sections (which popped up when I was studying for a recent renal test--it was helpful!). Also, pictures are better grouped with their subcategories and the embryology is divided into subsystem. I've been doing a side-by-side with 2012 copying over my old notes, and 2013 is consistently cleaner-looking, better organized, and optimized to help you better.