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  • Kindle Customer - Yuck.

    The ingredient list here is not correct. This new version contains red pepper, which made it intolerable for me. I am so disappointed.

  • George - Recommended

    I have had it for a month or two and it has performed as advertised. I was concerned about the fixed height mount but it is no problem since the screen tilts back. It was shipped securely with no problem unpacking and setting up. I had to attach a pair of speakers I already had to the computer as it does not come with speaker(s) and they work fine with the monitor. It is a good monitor for the price.I would consider five stars after using it for a few years.

  • Tone - Small compact with cool LEDs-- Fast charge

    I wanted a wireless charger to use with my new s7 edge that provided fast charge. This unit is nice n slim n compact. It has worked very well with fast charging my device and shines LED colors around disk when good connection is made. The LEDS don't stay on after 5 seconds or so. Others have liked that they shut off but I would of preferred them to stay on and change another color when fully charged. U have to go by the LED on your phone to see when fully charged. I think they shut off as to not bother u next to your bed and maybe to keep the heat level down. There is no fan in this charger like the OEM Samsung one has.


    My husband bought me some Caudalie products for Christmas from Amazon. Among the products he bought for me was the serum. The packaging appeared to have been tampered with and the product smelled bad. I called Amazon and they suggested I call directly to Caudalie. I called Caudalie and was switched back and forth until I got a person named Candace V. on the phone. I explained to her that my husband had bought me Caudalie products for Christmas and the problems I had with the product. She responded to me as if I were a liar and was very rude. She said I could not return the product and gave me a lecture on how great the products worked for everyone else. I was taken aback by this. I was amazed that this type of person would be on the staff at Caudalie. When I asked to speak with her Supervisor she would not connect me and hung up. I suggest Caudalie not hire people of this low calaber to work for them. There are many products out there and I for one will not purchase products from a Company whose policy it is to be rude and abrasive to their customers. STAY AWAY

  • SupaCase - Buy local @ same price or damn close to.

    Dummy me could've gotten this for the same price at Walmart or a few cents more at Pepboys. Fine product overall.

  • Michael D. - Do not listen to the "Paid to leave positive review" customers.

    There is a reason why this tonneau cover is greatly discounted. You get what you pay for. The manufacturer claims this product is watertight. The manufacturer claims the seams and threads are seamless and carefully inspected.