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  • J. Laurent - FitBit Flex poor out of box experience.

    I received the FitBit Flex as a gift for Christmas and am planning to return it without even trying it because the "out of box" experience is so horrible. I am a retired system engineer from Sun/Oracle and Mac user since the late 1980s. Technology does not intimidate me but ease of use is important.

  • Emileo - Fantastic for getting around London!

    I did a ton of research before purchasing this stroller. I wanted an umbrella stroller with a close-to-flat recline and an large canopy. This stroller met both requirements and much more. There's not a ton that I can add beyond what the other reviewers have noted; however, I can share a bit about my experience using this stroller.

  • Happy consumer - excellent product, even better than kids-n-pets, worth the $$

    I had tried kids-n-pets successfully in the past and it has worked very well. This time I had a large area of set in urine stains (sick older cat) and kids-n-pets just wasn't doing it. On humid days I would still smell urine. I purchased urine off in the gallon size, used a black light and literally poured it on to my carpet. I covered the offensive areas with plastic. I admit I used alot of the product. It took almost a week to dry. The odor was dramatically reduced. I choose to reapply again to be sure I had all of the odor eliminated. Again, I used alot of product, used plastic and it took about a week to dry. Now, the urine odor is completely gone! Even on the humid days! Kids-n-pets does work but I think urine off works better. (I also prefer the urine off smell, it's more like fabric softener) If you have a tough stain, urine off is worth the money. It will save your carpet!

  • Ernie Lautsch - best tax time asset.

    While I use Turbo Tax, it really doesn't cover everything, or won't tell you all your deductions. J.K. Lasser's is the best. Over the years, this book has proved to be far superior over all the other books out there. The best part, it also explains why you can or cannot do things with your taxes.

  • Jacob - LMAO while he CHAO

    Alright, let's cut to the chase. I saw multiple videos and reviews of this product, and let's just say the bully that has been stealing my lunch doesn't anymore.

  • A. Perry - No Trust Documents

    I have been using WillMaker since 2006 I believe. I've found quite a few documents that have come in very handy over the years. I'm not ready to create a trust for my family and assets and tada! 2010 doesn't contain ANY trust documents. Very disappointing since it's the same price as years past but has less info.

  • Josh - Great product, I've used it for hanging up photo ...

    Great product, I've used it for hanging up photo frames, shelves, and more. They are very secure and this particular model will hold a lot of weight. I wanted something I could make sure would be even more secure with young kids running around, and this seems to do the job better than a traditional nail hanging kit. Not to mention it saves your walls from having a ton of holes in them.