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  • RL.Robertson - Works as intended- will clear a room!

    I think my brother in law who is a plumber summed it up by saying "I pump septic tanks and move port-a-pots for a living and I have never smelled anything like that". That sums it up!! lol.

  • Peter - Wow...this stuff really ...

    Wow...this stuff really works! I take several blood pressure medications that all have a side effect of constipation. I tried everything, even prescription remedies and cleansers. This is the only thing that works and I only have to take half of what the manufacturer recommends.

  • Tommy Boy - Can't live without it!

    Excellent recovery drink. I work out 5 times a week, P90X, Monkey Bar Gym and unfortunately, I'm not 25 anymore! This product makes a dramatic difference in my recovery, especially with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). DOMS is the main reason for the soreness and fatigue that you feel 24 to 48 hours after intense muscle loading. I'm also a Sports Physician, so I promise I'm not making this up! At any rate, this product causes a dramatic decrease in fatigue and soreness if I take it immediately after my work outs. I also will take a protein shake 30 to 45 minutes post work out as well.

  • Douglas F. Pendleton II - To much work for one drink.

    I could tell a difference but not worth the time to run through machine and the have to clean the machine.

  • Marcella - Container is a little annoying, product is good

    Good shea butter - feels like it's actually unrefined, and managed to keep some of that buttery yellow colour I've come to expect. The container is really super cheap, but it is sealed with an airtight foil top, which is nice. It's a plastic container that's a bit hard to get the actual product out of - especially since mine had sat in cooler weather for a few days, and was rock hard. My solution - boil some water, stick a knife in, let it heat. Dry it really well, then cut out chunks of the shea butter to use.

  • Richard - Not really worth it: get another flashlight

    It's all right. Not nearly 1000 lumens. We got a cheaper flashlight that was the same thing that feels better in terms of the overall construction. Battery is already dying after 3 days very quickly and had to order a new set of batteries for it.

  • Charles C. Bayley - Better than disposable or renewable

    I wanted a heater that would last longer and provide more heat than disposable or a renewable. The first time you use this, the manufacturer recommends you put in two full fills. When I did this I was surprised when it was still warm more than 24 hours later. I put a half fill in and it provides good warmth for than 4 hours in a goose blind. The unit is sleek and fits comfortably in a shirt pocket. The only drawback I have found is that when you have the heater in a pocket on the inside of a coat and you are in a confined area such as a blind you may notice some lighter fluid odor. If you are using it strictly for hand warming you will probably never notice any odor. When you are filling the heater with lighter fluid keep the end of the filler in contact with the absorptive material. It may feel like it is taking too long to fill but not keeping it in contact will cause the fluid to run faster than the material can handle and the fluid will spill.