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  • Michel Asfahan - Could have been worse/Could have been better

    In my opinion, Native is a masterpiece, from start to finish. The album is a journey. I knew right off the bat, they weren't going to be able to top Native, and I was right. As soon as they revealed the title, "Oh My My", I knew my instincts were on track to be correct, unfortunately. To describe Oh My My, there are bright, nostalgic moments, and then there are head-scratchers. The songs are all over the place musically. I appreciate that they're trying to be creative, but I wasn't feeling the new sounds they incorporated. Anyway, it's still a solid follow-up to Native. It could have been a lot worse, but it also could have been a lot better.

  • William T. Simpson - Great colors and quality design

    Exactly the colors, brand and design I was looking for! Seller was also really helpful in letting me know that what I was looking at was what I was going to get. Because the color is rare I was afraid it might get substituted and turn into a disaster. This is a super lightweight helmet, cool design both literally and aesthetically, and comfortable. I look forward to long rides in this helmet that so perfectly matches my bike! Happy!

  • Melanie - Fascinating

    Extremely well written-so logical and easy to understand. No gimmicks, no sales pitch, no mass marketing. Incredible "aha" moment for me. Can't wait to finish reading and then try this simple therapy. I am 90% sure I will be buying numerous copies to give as gifts!!! (Especially to my Lyme friends.)

  • Abbie Moser - works but definitely gives the jitters

    Cellucor is alright.. I lost a little bit of weight using it but unfortunately it gave me the jitters big time.. Since then I've started taking 

  • Beauty and Healing - Quality Set With Professional Double Zippered Carry Case

    This is one of the nicest lock pick kits that I've found. I have had two other kits that came with practice locks, and the locks are pretty much the same. Where I see a difference in quality is in the strength of the picks and in the presentation. These are well made strong steel picks, with plenty of different types of picks to use for different approaches. What I really loved is the two sided double zippered carry case, which looks quire professional. The weight and feel of the case is nice enough that I plan to give this set as a Christmas gift to someone who is always locking themselves out of the car. I like that this set includes a practice lock, because it's amazing how much it helps you to learn. The first attempt I made at picking this lock took about 45 minutes, but now I can do it in 5 minutes on a good day.I still had to call a locksmith recently, but I'm getting pretty good at rhis. The lock includes keys just in case you get frustrated.