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  • UMich Grad Shopper - Okay, but design is not such that I can expect much of them and you shouldn't either.

    I purchased these for my trailer kitchen and they will serve my needs there, but I don't think they would be very good for anyone with a dishwasher. They are open where the wires enter the handle and this will allow water and things to get in there. If past whisks have proven what to expect from this design, water and bits of food can enter up in there and the wires will likely rust in the handle. Since I can only hand wash things in the trailer, this will not be as big of an issue for me. This design in the past with other whisks has also meant that eventually I can expect the wires to come out of the whisk and become a problem to use, although this has not happened with this set yet. It also means, although I will hand wash these, I will need to be careful not to soak them or how I rinse them off. I don't expect these will last terribly long especially in a home or business setting with much use. These are light, which is good for the trailer, but I think a heavier and firmer whisk would be more useful.

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    This is the BEST antivirus program I have ever had the privilege of owning. I have had no issues with adding computers, upgrading computers, and feeling confident that my computer integrity is being maintained. I have had significant experience with multiple programs, and this is the first that isn't intrusive, doesn't slow down my computer, and doesn't prevent me from performing normal and usual tasks.