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  • T.Zuiani - ripped off! and took FOREVER to deliver!

    The "sellers" on Wish are obviously NOT investigated. I bought some rainbow rose seeds (admittedly I should have done my research) but these roses will NEVER grow. Not only do rainbow roses not exist, but when I received the seeds they had no instructions so I looked up how to grow roses from seed. It said that in order to grow roses from seed they must be stratified. So I contacted the the seller to find out if the seeds had ever been stratified and he didn't even know what it was!! For all I know he may have sent me fish tank rocks!! Also, I ordered my Christmas presents in November, most things came after New Year's!! I was so embarrassed! DO NOT BOTHER TO ORDER ANYTHING FROM Wish!

  • Andrew D - Good GRE Book - Covered all the topics

    This is a great book for the General GRE. As of 2013, the GRE has 6 sections: 1 Writing, 2 Verbal Reasoning, and 2 Quantitative Reasoning, and 1 "Test" section. The "Test" section is used to try out future questions and doesn't count for your score.

  • David - Hate being forced to upgrade - just to keep functionality that I had already paid for.

    Other than my headline it is still the same functionality with an altered GUI some better some not. The adaption curve was not too bad. I have been a QB user for five versions now.

  • Charlene - Awesome Book

    My daughter read this book today. Her review follows: This book was a wonderful book for 9-13 year olds. This book is a wonderful read that I would suggest to all my friends.

  • Ireke - This is not a joke!

    Ok folks-a girlfriend and I saw the ad for this, laughed hysterically, then bought some because we are suckers and are always game to try stuff. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Let me also add that my husband and kids are natural fermenters. The flatulate something fierce and deadly! So you can imagine that their offal is particularly dangerous and malodorous. Enter POO-POURRI! I raced DH to the bathroom after getting it, sprayed, and ran for my life. Usually one can't enter the restroom for at least 30mins after his presence, even if the vent fan is on. Hey this stuff was nicely filling the air and didn't seem to just be co-mingling with the stool. It was as though the stool hadn't happened. Even he was impressed. He is using it diligently (thank God!). Infact I discovered you can a) start to stool and then spray toilet and have good results and b) use it to combat potent farts, basically as a fumigant. My friend concurs.

  • djlewsic - it works great. It's not loud

    When I'm not using it as a paper weight, it works great. It's not loud. A person can sleep while another is working out. Definitely suggest the purchaser also buys a mat to go underneath this machine.