Review: - Zyrtec®; Cetirizin Arzneistoff Gruppe Antihistaminika zweiten Generation, Linderung Beschwerden allergischer Erkrankungen eingesetzt wird. Cetirizin Wikipedia

  • - Zyclara® Crème; Imiquimod Deutschland, Österreich Schweiz unter Namen Aldara unter Zyclara Handel erhältlich. Weblinks Imiquimod Wikipedia
  • 1001 usages in - Argile médicinale Luvos® Ultra pour usage interne, poudre; forme ultra pure, agent nettoyant type poudre récurer pour baignoires 1001 usages pour bicarbonate..., Dauphin, Paris, 2012 Bicarbonate sodium Wikipédia

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  • jamesandpatsy - This is great grass seed

    This is great grass seed. I had been killing weeds in my lawn and the grass was looking a little raggedy. I just scattered this seed on the top of the ground before a couple of days of rain. Later in the month, I noticed a huge difference in my lawn. Really lush and green.

  • Ann W. Turner - Great Book!

    This is essential reading, I believe, for those of us struggling with arthritis. He gives the background; makes recommendations for life-choises and diet; and thoroughly examines the claims of various supplements, recommending which ones actually have the right amount of active ingredients.

  • chris white - lorde u rule!!

    love this album overall,,, but im getting tired of prerecorded slap beat [ clapping in rythym].. most songs on this album has that in the music,, this beat percussion was used in the 80's and its getting so old!!! try using a metronome instead!!! lol

  • Teresa - What a waste of money

    My husband loves to cook his own eggs and thought cooking without butter or oil would be healthier. The eggs STUCK to the pan badly - did not slide out at all. What a waste of money.