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  • Brenda - A little too firm

    Bought the Full size from the Casper website and tried it out for 80 days and then returned it. I like to sleep on the softer side and this mattresses was just too firm for me. It's not extremely hard but my back always felt a bit sore after sleeping on it. I returned it with no problem and got a full refund and I love that instead of taking it back Casper donates the mattress to the Salvation Army.

  • Lynwood Hightower - Not Ready for Prime Time

    Bought this to do my 2012 Business taxes. The Graphics of the program would not match up with the data needed to be filled in to the point you really can't tell what is being asked for. I requested support and was told to delete program and re-install each time, finally they just told me to return it to where I purchased it as they could not help!!! Also no State Interview which means your pretty much on your own putting in data and picking forms to send in--- might as well do by hand.

  • Fred Banks - its bad to ruin a good thing

    it would easily rate 5 stars however the incised white setting markers wear off quickly and make using this very good difficult.

  • Brian - Really works!

    I don't write a lot of reviews, but this one I must. It really works and clearly see a big improvement in hair thickness.

  • Kindle Customer - Don't know if I got a bad batch or it they used pseudo ginseng

    I've had ginseng supplements before. This one made me sick. Don't know if I got a bad batch or it they used pseudo ginseng. If your looking for real ginseng, research Wisconsin coops or Wisconsin farms. You will pay more but you will get the real thing.

  • R. Dionne - Bendy as promised

    I bought to repair a few of my iPhone cables that were coming frayed at the connector spots. This stuff was pretty easy to use, though not as easy as the product video makes it look. The consistency is somewhat firmer (and stickier) than play-dough. Once I left it to set, it firmed up and remained bendable as promised. It worked great for repairing my cables, and I have a few other ideas of what I can use it for.